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How did you come up with your Nation Name?

King C

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The nation of Mimas is:

* Not the son of Gaia (who is one of the Giants slain by Heracles)

* Also not a son of Amycus and Theona, so definitely didn't escorted Aeneas to Italy

* Certainly not a genus of Hawk moths, definitely not the Lime Hawk-moth

* Nothing to do with the Mima mounds, as for example found on the Mima Prairie

* Unrelated to the national data centre at The University of Manchester

* and is not even on the same page as the Danish band Mimas

Mimas is in fact called after a moon of Saturn (which obviously itself is likely to be called after either the first or 2nd ones on this list, but what do I know, it just sounded ok).

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Used to be an old alliance name I used in a private game called Realms of Past Worlds. I was like one of the top 5 strongest people in experience (of course, I had the highest magic level, I AM the Magic Man :P) and I used that influence to moderate with an iron fist. When I came to CN it just seemed obvious to me to use that name.

Magi Nation ftw.

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At the time of creating my nation, I couldn't think of anything good at all, so, I put it on hold for a little bit and I was actually talking to a friend of mine about baseball. At the time, I thought it was a great idea to call my nation El Duque, and looking back at the name, I think it sounds retarded. :P

For those that know, El Duque is the nickname of a baseball player (Orlando Hernandez).

If I was able to rename my nation, I'd pick Mistra. Unoriginal, possibly, but it just fits with my username quite well in my opinion.

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Combination of two things:

- District of Columbia (Washington, D.C., for those who don't know it), which was my favorite vacation

- I just like the name "York"

Thus, District of York :)

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