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Naval Attacks

Legion Gadarene

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Naval Attack - Naval Attacks allow players to engage in sea-to-sea battles against enemy navies. During a Naval Attack all of the attacking nation's navy vessels will be used to attack all of the defending nation's navy vessels. Both the attacking and defending 'techmods' and DEFCON levels are taken into account when determining sea-to-sea battle results. Naval Attacks are the method in which nations destroy enemy vessels in order to then perform Blockades and Battle Support operations. Conducting Naval Attacks consumes one navy action slot.

I was just wondering how the Strength: 1 (3 vs. Landing Ships) or Strength: 8 (12 vs. Submarines) works if it seems that all the ships are just rammed into each other in a Naval Attack. Does a Frigate gain 4 strength automatically if there are Submarines present? Or is there a chance it'll run into a Carrier and do its measly 8? Unless of course in the definiton, these attributes are amalgamated into the "techmods" and the whole calculation will be some arcane jargon we novices can't understand. Pray clarify.

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