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If you'd like to skip the huge wall of text below, please know that we are looking for small nations to sell both technology and donations on our forums, so please come on over (click the pictures above). For more information, keep reading :)


I've got news (besides the money I saved on car insurance by switching to Geico); your days dealing tech and buying/selling donations on the CN forums are over. Why deal with the stress and hassle of finding suitable partners, working out the logistics of the transaction, and worrying if your deal will go through? Why wonder if the people you deal with can be trusted? Why wait days and days while your post gets lost in the unorganized jumble of new topics? Why deal with different people every week?

Instead, I invite you to join the hundreds upon hundreds of CN'ers who have taken their tech and donation deals onto our forum at www.s15.invisionfree.com/techdeals. With over 100,000 tech sold, we have the experience to manage any type of tech deal (don't believe me? take a look at every single transaction). With a handful of committed volunteers from around CN, we have the activity to manage each person's needs individually and coordinate deals quickly and effectively. We pride ourselves on providing the fastest, most efficient deals around. Along with the thousands of completed tech deals, we are opening a donation deal system as well. Having overseen the completion of dozens of donation deals, I am ready to begin coordinating the sale of many, many more on these forums.

In sum, it's a no-brainer! Whether you're buying or selling, looking for tech or donations, I encourage you to check out our forums as soon as possible. There are 500 members registered on the forums and more each day - what are you waiting for? Don't wander aimlessly looking for deals here and there - you can go to ONE place and get all your transactions taken care of easily!

Tech Deals

For those experienced tech dealers out there, you will appreciate the variety of deals we offer. Check out the details on the forums if you want more information, but here's the quick summary:

  • Immediate (3x3) Deals swap $3,000,000 for 100 tech, providing small nations with an instant profit and large nations with a solid 100 tech. NOTE - we do have a severe shortage of small nations (tech sellers) for these deals at the moment, meaning that we are not looking for more nations wishing to buy tech in 3x3's - we do desperately want small nations wishing to participate in these deals, though!
  • Long-Term (1-slot) Deals are similar; $3,000,000 is swapped for 100 tech, but this time the transaction is spaced out over 20 days. One large nations is matched up with one small nation and the deal proceeds as shown on our spiffy "Aid Calendar". As an added bonus, we even send small nations a reminder in-game message two days before they are scheduled to send tech.
  • Premium Tech Deals (PTD's) are our newest attractions. These deals swap $3,000,000 for only 50 tech! Yes, that's an enormous profit for you small nations. And yes, that is a steep price for large nations. However, as we explain in detail on the forum, the price is worth it. Large nations are guaranteed same-day delivery and on-time technology, so for huge nations like me, the price is insignificant. For you small nations, this is a tremendous opportunity that you won't find anywhere else in Cybernations. To get in on these deals, you should sign up for normal Immediate Deals (3x3's) and will be selected for the PTD program based on your experience and reliability.

Donation Deals

Donation deals have just opened on our forum. However, I do have a lot of experience working with donation deals and am excited for the program to take off. We work them differently than the rest of Cybernations - and much better, in my opinion. Each donation deal is an auction. Donation sellers, the donators, put their donation up for auction. The receiving nations (the "buyers") then have 48 hours to bid and outbid each other for this donation! So, for you small nations, why advertise your donation here on the Black Market? Why give it to a friend for a cheap price? Why open the donation up to just your alliance? Instead... come onto our forums, post up your auction, and you'll have dozens upon dozens of buyers outbidding each other, making you more and more and more cash! I've seen donations sold for $24,000,000 - why are you settling for less?


I made a list of some of the alliances that have been represented on our forums, although I'm sure there are dozens more I forgot to add to the list. Come join your mates from:




Alpha Beta

Atlantic Empire


Aquatic Coalition Front

Axis of Equality


Black Dog Society for Masculinity



Carpe Diem

Centurion Brotherhood

Dark Coalition

Deck of Cards


European Union







German Empire


Global Order of Darkness

Grand Lodge of Freemasons

Greenland Republic

Heroes of the Union







Legio X







Monos Archein





Nusantara Elite Warriors

Orange Defense Network

Order of the Sword

Protection Agency of Independent Nations




Roman Republic



Sentinels of Unity and Liberty




Templar Knights

The Armenian Order

The Foreign Division

The Golden Dawn

The Guard

The Holy Crusaders

The Legion

The Samurai




The Tech Dealers

The World Order








United Marooners

United Commonwealth of Nations







=Western Empire=

White Guard

World Task Force

In addition, here are some quotes posted about our forums:

I've trade on this forum twice now and it's all gone flawless. Now I'm back for a third deal and I don't think I'll get any trouble this time either. Thank you for this great service.
- CuBone
You guys do a great job. I've encouraged all the members of my alliance to pay you a visit.
- Taget
Thank you Winstonopia, for a quick and satisfying deal as always! I will never understand how you are able to go on being so efficient in the tech field month after month.
- Erik
Great job guys, especially thanks to Learz who co-ordinated my deal. It only took a matter of 48 hours for the deal to be complete. I will definitely use Win's tech forums for all my future deals.

Long Live Win's Tech Forum!


United Blue Directorate

I've just posted up for my third deal, and I've never had any problems at all.

This forum is wonderful, and everyone should use it.

- Grillick
I've always had great tech deals from him even when he's backed up, it's never more then a couple of days.
- Dtigner

Hope to see you on our forums soon! Click the picture below to check it out:


Feel free to contact any of us coordinators if you have any questions. Sincerely,

Winstonopia, founder





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The best place to sell tech even the sellers are friendly after buying my first 300 tech for this anasing place i allpied for 200 more tech wanting to use the aid slot for other reasons but the dealer pmed me when our deal was over and said if i wanna keep buying tech just send 3mil over! so now im waiting for 300tech! The best place in Bob to buy tech!!!!!!

P.s. No unlike Infomercials today I WAS NOT paid for saying how great these guys are! :P

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we'd love to have you guys (errr... your small nations, at least :lol:)

For the rest of ya, we actually have a new donation system going on now which looks to be a big hit; donations are auctioned off. Our last donation went for $19mill, and an auction is running currently (high bid is $9mill at the moment... sure to get higher though). One more auction for a June donation should start later today as well! So please come on over and sign up!

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All in favour of a winstonapia is god alliance say i, i think i can say look at my nation i am like ten days old and alreafy have 5000ns last time i played cn it took me 600 days to get past 1000,

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