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Why are some religons more popular than others?


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2,411 No Religion (7.84%)

2,711 Mixed Religions (8.81%)

1,646 Baha'i Faith (5.35%)

1,903 Buddhism (6.18%)

3,578 Christianity (11.63%)

1,515 Confucianism (4.92%)

1,744 Hinduism (5.67%)

1,847 Islam (6.00%)

1,548 Jainism (5.03%)

3,176 Judaism (10.32%)

1,970 Norse (6.40%)

1,591 Shinto (5.17%)

1,615 Sikhism (5.25%)

1,643 Taoism (5.34%)

1,871 Voodoo (6.08%)

I was wondering if there was a reason for this?

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Must have something to do with Great Temples; I know when I purchased one I settled down with Christianity seeing as it was most like my "beliefs".

Being that this game has mostly Western players (Christianity and Judaism being the most popular religions), people are probably just choosing these once they've bought a Great Temple.

Or it's not random.

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I'm guessing the whole Great Temple thing makes up the lesser part of the reason.

The reason of course is pretty obvious. Many of CN's players just log on collect, pay bills, buy infra, then maybe attack someone - they don't know that desired religion has an affect on happiness. There's also the RP factor. Those who RP are more likely to be Jewish or Christian and therefore more likely to RP as a Jewish or Christian nation and never change the religion.

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well you have:

- some roleplayers who simply set their "beloved" religion, no matter what the population wants

- a LOT of newbies who simply dont care and just use the religion they "think" fits in best

- some guys with Temples who then intentionally select their "own" religion because it does not matter any more

all this combined with the fact that we have a overwhelming majority of "western" players in here is simply explaining the bias. would the clear majority of our players come from the middle east, we would surely have Islam favored.

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Islam would be very high, too, then.

And Israel is the only country that is officially Jewish. So it can't be :)

I'm not sure what you were getting at with those last 2 sentences. Because, I know some Jews that are Americans, just the same as there are Jews in other countries.

It's the RL bias factor, or perhaps RPing as a Jew or Christian is more appealing? I don't know. I personally followed what my people wanted as their religion until I bought my Great Temple, then I allowed myself the luxury of some RL bias.

Edit: (DAC)Syzygy has good points.

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