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General Kanabis

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So I took a little trip down to hell recently because I needed an army for COBRA-






Now that I have that, we need to start recruiting some new guys.

If you're new and need directions around Planet Bob, I would be happy to point you towards the nearest suicide booth (Aevrum), but I'd rather welcome you into our Alliance and show you around the COBRA way.


We like to troll, fight, and post memes. In that order.


Reserve your spot today!



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Now accepting applications to join the COBRA armed forces.


New members will undergo a rigorous course of basic training that will test their limits and strengthen their sense of brotherhood-



We  also have a strict Don't ask, Don't tell policy-



Join COBRA today :ph34r:



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COBRA is now accepting veteran players into our ranks.

If you're bored of the macro-stagnant world you live in, or wish for a change of pace; look no further.

Micro Drama is lit, fam.


If you're an experienced player who likes to shoot things,

Join COBRA now!



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Now hiring; private contractors, military filibusters, and mercs.

Pay to be distributed in the form of Dank Memes, our official currency.


Also wanted-

Someone to fill our FA Government position in the COBRA Royal Guard. Experience mandatory.



No step on snek!

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:. Alliance Query Results

Last Updated: 2/17/2018 1:21:54 PM

Alliance Name Total Nations Active Nations Percent Active Strength Avg. Strength Score
COBRA 18 15 83% 208,140 11,563 2.23
:. Alliance Nation Statistics

Last Updated: 2/17/2018 1:19:06 PM

Land Infras. Tech Aircraft Nukes
15,525 46,807 3,200 446 75
Soldiers Tanks Cruise Navy Active Wars
200,079 14,376 6 4 6
Aid Slots Votes War Mode Peace Mode Anarchy
57 / 89 
27 16 2 1






information.gif Alliance Affiliation: COBRA 


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