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Have you every warred so hard that. . .

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Ummmmm, so wtf just happened?  An entire alliance of rogues?  Someone help a noob out over here?  I've never seen that.

Lot of people suspected it was a mutli ring because of the similar builds and naming convention with nation, ruler, and slogan.

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i don't think it was Defcon 1 that completely annihilated Haganah, but i'm sure they got some easy XP out of the deal :P

Easy XP points ....Well not really we took a bunch of nukes from them... each nation had 5 and tried to use most of them ..

But as some of TE leadership knows I was just about to call for a Dog Pile ...

To have everyone declare on the cheaters, but Admin finished them off before that happened. 


We need to leave all lines of communication between us that enjoy this game, to watch for this in future to protect our game,

from being destroyed by them (cheaters)


Thanks to all that worked to expose this cancer,  We do know of others that were connected to them that are hiding in other AA's and have asked the leadership of those AA's  to watch those nations to see if we need admin to come down on them.


Again Thanks to all those who helped bring them down


Hope all have a great Holiday Season

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