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Nation Loses Wars

Franz Ferdinand

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Nation name: Germanicy
Ruler name: Edwylm
Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=446069
As per: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_activity.asp?Nation_ID=446069 the nation was declared on by  Isolatar, Franz Ferdinand and SirWilliam. As can be seen, the wars are not shown on the nation pages but it is in the nation activity on the nation hit. As Isolatar declared 5 minutes before update, his war is logged at Lyricalz and is thus proof that war was declared. The nation was on "Active More Than Three Weeks Ago" but after the wars were wiped, is now "Active In the Last 3 Days". The nation still has the damage done to it including casualties, and is in Anarchy. Finally the chart for the nation shows the recorded damage.

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Sounds like a case of:

Hitting a nation on the verge of going into inactivity mode.
Update comes and nation is sent into inactivity mode.
Everything clears as per inactivity mode policy.
Nation got inactivity mode email, which woke it up.
logged on and left inactivity mode.

I'm failing to see the bug.

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Well normally under the activity tab, it would tell you that a nation has returned from inactivity mode such as this: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_activity.asp?Nation_ID=559472 however in this case, it didn't.

This is correct, normally the nation would get that message appear but it didn't in this case.

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Edwylm went inactive and returned to the game.


The "returned from inactivity mode" message only appears if the nation was part of an alliance (so as to inform alliance managers) which Edwylm wasn't when he went inactive.

Would it be worth expanding that message to activate when a player who is on NONE returns to the game in that case? That way it stays uniform and if recruiters see the nation, they can always get a better understanding how long the player has been out for, and it can help with their information gathering.

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