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Community 'Gentlemen's' agreements

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I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up yet (and if it has, I simply missed it).


I've participated in many fun rounds- and this round will be very different due to the amount of start up money we all have.


In past rounds, the community has held what I consider 'gentlemen's agreements' via: 'dirty spy ops', 'warring too early', 'blockades' and of course the infamous "your alliance is nuclear and ours is not' threads.


Now granted, 100 million goes fast and it's 10x more than what we are used to; so will this round change the way we've fought in the past? Any nation can now go nuclear on day one- so is the thought 'you had your chance' now in the minds of the community?


Of course, any war-and-action will have it's 'rage whining' and I guess I am looking at what everyone else considers decent? 


Will this be the first 'free for all' round? Or will we still be constrained to our conscious and past unofficial laws of TE?


I'm neither for, or against it, but I feel like this is a great discussion among the community.

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I think those Alliances who adhere to such agreements will continue to seek those out from within the community.  However, it's pretty clear to me that in this 100 million dollar round there will be @ least a handful of Nations and Alliances that will hold to no such agreements and over the next 60 days will roll; fire Nukes; re-roll; and fire Nukes again with impunity.  It is just something we will deal with in order to play a round in which we get an opportunity to play with 100M @ the start.

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Now you've gone and made me feel bad for blockading you. I read this thread after, honest.


Well, vvv317 has you to blame for the blockade that is now on his nation :P

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In my experience, blockades have never been off-limits. Dirty spy ops I have always, always been against, it is purposefully making sure your opponent can't rebuild from the fight and is very unsportsmanlike. The warring too early argument, while bad, also means that the offender is limiting his own progress and possibly crippling themselves in a normal round if they buy MPs in order to do so. And the nuclear argument, well, in previous rounds it would apply, but I would say only applies pre-Day 10-15 this round because of the start-up cash. Any nation that doesn't have an MP by then is probably doing it wrong :P

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