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Was there ever a time you thought, "I am doing this on purpose, I am !@#$@#$ up and I don’t know why."


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The world they inhabited was a strange place, so many basic concepts of reality stood fluid within this world, Time, History, even the world itself was an infinite number of possibilities, where he stood could be Tianxia, Nippon, Japan, Kankoustan, so many names and governments for the same place In some worlds it was a crumbling irradiated husk, in his current world it was a bastion of Technology and Progress, a city that stood in defiance of Gods and Kings. He looked out the windows onto the neon city, admiring the sight before turning back to the massive room.


The ceiling was over twenty feet above his head, walls and ceiling were a light blue, that would have blended in with the sky outside if it were daytime. A half dozen book cases lined the interior walls filled with books of all types, history and fiction all mixed together, along with a desk. For all appearances, it just a normal metallic desk until you touched the top of it, at which point a keyboard would appear front and center, a 3D holographic screen appearing just above the tabletop. and the Pièce de résistance, the bed, while smaller than some others in the Tower, was at least 8' by 8' sitting in the center of the room, a few 6' wide beanbags sat around the room randomly, speakers also lined the walls, attached to the computer and a 72" tv on the wall adjacent to the entrance.

He ran his fingertips along the bookshelves, knowing it would be the last time he was ever here. the only sign of her left was a container of Stormy Pink lipstick, he slips it into his pocket, the only memento he would take from the room. Walking out the doors, which closed with a soft woosh, he entered the next room.  A similar suite, the room also had twenty foot ceilings, a spectacular fireplace, easily 15 feet wide and half as deep built on the adjacent  wall of the entrance was the first thing to catch one's eye. Floor to ceiling windows covered two walls, giving the room a beautiful view of the city, lit windows appearing as artificial stars from where he stood, a giant bed also lay in the center of the room, sitting only two feet off the ground, the 12x12" matress had no pillows, just a place to lounge in front of the fireplace, a white grand piano stood off to one side, covered in candles, not a single artificial light was in this room, the only sign of civilization beyond the 1800s was a trio of "musicians", droids with the singular purpose of playing music. 
Taking in this room as well, he requested Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring: II. The Sacrifice. he stood against the windows, leaning his head against his forearm against the glass. Creation, and Destruction, the intertwined concepts both had their purposes, and they had created much in the Towers, in these very rooms. It was only through that thought he could rationalize what he had to do next.
The building itself had plastic explosive on every single floor, with the press of a button the charges would explode in sequence, bringing the half mile tall building straight down.
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As Emperor Jesse watch the news about the events that were unfolding he wondered if they were mere coincidences or if the events were actually connected. First Druk Yul ends up dropping out of SEATO and then terrorists attack Japan all within a few hours of each other. He also noticed the Druk Yul movements towards Japan after the attack which then got him really worried. Were they merely coincidences or were they connected? If so was Druk Yul attempting to take over the EAI or where their other dark forces at work trying to make them turn on one another? Either way only time would tell. 

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