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CNRP2 Issues to Discuss


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Okay so we've run into another issue in where people use the CNRP1 prescient. This being that if you have an internet wonder you have broadband, but if you do not have an internet wonder, you have dial up.


I want to go ahead and ask that all CNRP1 prescient's to be brought up here and I'll add them to this thread to try and get a list of things we need to open a discussion and vote on so we aren't relying on a former game's rules. Feel free to comment all below. It doesn't matter if it's not an issue yet, it may have the potential of becoming an issue and should be address before coming one.



Current Issues *

Internet Wonder - If you have one, you have better/faster internet basically

SDI Wonder - This is common knowledge and has been worked as a dice roll of hitting or not. No it's not an issue, but should be officially set to prevent it from being argued.

Satellites - If you have these in game you can roleplay satellites is the prescient. This too is not official yet in CNRP2 and needs to be or a new proposal given. 




Do not discuss the above topics here. They can be made a thread for a discussed there when it is deemed to do so.



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Sorry I don't mean to mess up your thread. I just wanted to add this for perspective: We do not force anyone to RP anything internally unless it has to do with war. So if I want high-speed internet and I don't have the Internet Wonder, it does not really matter. I watch House of Cards on TexasNetflix just as fast as the Hawaiians.

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