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Additional War Wonder

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Forward Operating Base


Many of us wish we had additional war slots. In a war game, why not test a wonder where people can have two additional offensive war slots? We already have a precedent for wonders providing additional firepower whether it is the FAFB with +20 planes for an air attack or the WRC with an additional nuke purchase. 

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I disagree with defensive slots. 3's enough to thoroughly roll someone if your team is coordinating for max damage. But if you're a beast, why not have a wonder that allows 2 extra offensive warslots. You're already taking a gamble that 8 people might coordinate against you. No need for defensive slots.

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Yeah, I don't see a need for additional defensive slots. This would be a powerful economic (XP) and military force, but it'll already come with built in costs when you have to defend against other opponents. 


I would say the wonder should also allow for an extra deploy...but that would be too good a wonder for us killers  :war:

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