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Discussion of No Confidence Vote for GM Mogar


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17:14 Mogar im not going to suck that !@#$%*s dick for anything
17:14 Mogar she attacked two pacific nations agressively
17:14 Mogar i work with my !@#$@#$ neighbors 17:14 Horo you've never worked with China, you gaijin
17:14 Shammy <_<
17:14 Shammy >_>
17:14 Uberstein IC aggresiveness is no reason to insult somebody OOC
17:15 Uberstein If I declared war on JED right now
17:15 Mogar why should I work with you chink?
17:15 Uberstein I'm sure he and I would still be able to at least say "hello" to eachother OOC
17:15 Horo because me > you, and you need to learn your place
17:15 Shammy And here I was, hoping to come back to corgi puppies jumping and butterflies flying all over the place.
17:15 Uberstein Horo, you're not helping
17:15 Mogar you're going to get nuked
17:15 Mogar until your nation does not exist
17:15 Horo damn
17:15 Horo scary thought
17:15 Uberstein $%&@ it, Mogar's going to stay angry, Horo's going to provoke him
17:15 Mogar you definitely are better than me considering your own ally is only interested in sucking your dick OOC

17:20 Mogar im not going to suckup to anyone
17:20 Uberstein People have been asking Mogar to calm down for days
17:20 Mogar you dont like it, that isnt my problem
17:20 Mogar me calming down isnt going to change anything
17:20 Uberstein We're not asking you to suck up god dammnit
17:20 Mogar what part of that are you not grasping
17:20 Mogar yes you are
17:21 Shammy We're asking you to calm your !@#$ down.

Honestly, at this point, I say we need an emergency vote of confidence for Mogar's ability to be a GM. Neither side is being level-headed here, but GM's should be held to a higher standard. It's one thing for a player to be provocative and unreasonable OOC. It's entirely another for a GM to be so.


I feel this is at least worth a discussion. Rota asked me to put this in an appropriate thread, fine. I'll do so.

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Zoot was not voted upon, and if GM's are allowed to simply APPOINT other GM's, then we certainly need a discussion of THAT as well. Nobody ever voted on Zoot. Whether he is qualified or not is not my concern (I'd likely vote for him), but we shouldn't have GM's appointed by other GM's. Elections exist for a reason.

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I don't hold GMs to a higher standard. They don't get paid, they have the same thoughts and feelings of any other human being and at the end of the day they are here to role play as much as any other player. If you had provided examples of Mogar not carrying out his duties as required of a GM I may have agreed to a vote of no confidence unlikely though as it is though I am 100% against one. 


You peeps need to settle down and stop taking all things OOC.

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Zoot was appointed as an assistant by myself and Mogar. Which means, he acts with my authority until I decide otherwise.


That being said, time for a new election. If Zoot isn't elected to the GM spot, it won't matter.


I want 3 GMs, not 2 gms and a lackey.

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