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Under the Constellation

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"A land of times, utter beauty, and utter desolation.


The free lands of Australia rise again into heavens' light, the people shall learn to dream once again, to find responsible leaders, to forge a nation that will burn itself into the annals of history. We celebrate those who have come before, and those who are yet to come, who lead us through the inhospitable tracts of the interior, or the stormy seas that surround our crystal clear shores. This is our home, our land, standing guard over the Southern Oceans, in the light of Southern Cross.


We are the Union that rises from the ashes of so many before us, to forge a dream in a world wrought by uncertainty and confusion. We are the Union of the Southern Cross."


[i]Statement from the Southern Cross Independence Council[/i]

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"The Imperium of Japan is pleased to see the rise of a new nation, even while the ones currently existing settle petty squabbles with nuclear weapons, may your existence bring a change in the mood of the Western Pacific."


-Osamu Saito, Minister of Foreign Affairs, from an undisclosed location.

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"The Union of the Southern Cross welcomes these initial recognitions from nations around the world, and thank them for their kindness.


For such initial gratitude, we welcome each and every nation the chance to set up a diplomatic mission within the Union's capital, in Brisbane, and hope that you will allow Union diplomats the same courtesy in your own capitals. Furthermore, we grant a gift of a paired male and female Laughing Kookaburra to each individual nation who has welcomed our coming to sovereignty, so that they may be placed in their respective national zoo."

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