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International Lemon Day

King Lemonwhite

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The sun's sunfully sunny rays sunfully shined on the sunny sun-filled city of Lemongrad. The sunny sunshine shined through the window of a sunny castle into the room of King Lemonwhite. He woke up, yawned, and got out of bed. Lemonwhite glanced at the calendar on the wall. February 29th.

"It's today!" he said, then quickly put on some nice clothes. He ran out to the balcony of the castle and looked down at the people below. The lemon people. Made of lemons, just like King Lemonwhite. "Today is International Lemon Day! Let us celebrate!" he shouted. Cheers came from the crowd below. Lemony cheers.

Lemonwhite wrote up a few identical letters and told one of his servants to go deliver them to the neighboring countries of his small kingdom. The Lemon Kingdom was more like a city-state with a king than an actual monarchy, stationed on the small, isolate island. The servant crossed the seas to the nearest countries.

The letters read:
"Dear Leader of That Place,

Today is International Lemon Day. Celebrations are being held in the Lemon Kingdom. It is requested you visit the capital city of Lemongrad for this fine event.

King Lemonwhite"

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King William IV would kindly write back to King Lemonwhite and explain that, while preoccupied with the formation of his new government and unable to personally attend, he would be sending diplomat Gene Dubois, ambassador to the Lemon Kingdom, and Herbert Lime, head of the Royal Garden, in his stead.


Both Dubois and Lime would sail to the Lemon Kingdom to participate International Lemon Day. In the capital city of Noordenwind, the Royal Garden handed out lemons to the citizens celebrating.

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Osamu Saito, the The Imperium Japan's MoFA does not know where Lemongrad is located on a map, but upon receiving the note he would make the following statement.

"The Japanese people respect Lemons, citrus fruits are an important part of a healthy diet, and their bitterness reminds you that not everything is what it appears."

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