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I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to guess 777 in time, but its good see someone guessed the lucky number. The next Pick a Number Contest will likely start sometime later this month or the beginning of next month. 


I'm thinking of maybe making it a monthly or bi-monthly event.

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We have a winner! 777 was the number chosen.
I believe SirWilliam gets second place with his guess of 751 and Master Hakai gets 3rd with his choice of 750.
All 3 will be receiving an aid slot full of cash as their reward. Congratulate the winners!
Final Tally of the Game of Numbers
1st Place is Ruler the White
2nd Place is SirWilliam
3rd Place is MasterHakai
All 3 are good members of this community and I'm glad to see them win. Better luck next time to everyone else, I hope everyone who participated enjoyed the contest.

Omg wow... I totally meant 777 when I posted first but my finger slipped.... This is unfair.

Jk jk but damn I was close :P
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