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[Pick a Number Game] <$$Free Money Giveaway$$>


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I've decided rather than let my nation disappear and quit, instead I'm going to use my resources to start a game which will give players in need of money the chance to get it. Pretty much I've decided with all the money my nation makes, I can afford to give out free charity. Although I think doing it this way will give more people the chance to get some who really need it.




I will pick a number between 1 and 1,000. Whoever guesses the number first wins, but whoever is second closest and third closest also get rewarded.



1. You may only post once and must include the number you're guessing for your entry to be valid.

2. If you edit your post, you are disqualified. So you can't edit in another number if you change your mind or forget to include your guess in your first post.

3. Making more than one post in this thread disqualifies you.

4. The contest ends when someone guesses the number, so any guesses after someone gets it right doesn't count towards anything.

5. The contest also automatically ends within 10 days of posting this if no one has guessed the number yet. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place all still get money.

6. If more than one person guesses the same number, only the first person who guesses will have their guess count.



I choose 7

Player 1 guesses 900

Player 2 guesses 500

P3 guesses 15

P4 guesses 7

P5 guesses 8


Any guesses after P4 gets it right wouldn't count. So P3 would get 2nd place and P2 would have 3rd place. /end example


Their Reward? All 3 of them get an aid package full of money regardless of any wars they're fighting, who they are aligned with, etc. Winning will still get you the money regardless of your current situation or what I think of you. Doesn't matter what threats an alliance might use to try not getting aid to you, but if you win in this game you get the money regardless. If you're an enemy of the world and win this, you get paid regardless of what your enemies may think.


So remember even if you are on the rogue lists of every major alliance, winning this number game could give you a shot at a financial injection to help you try getting better footing or whatever you choose to do with it.


Also for those playing, don't forget you can only post once in this thread and can't edit your post.


I'm writing the real number on a piece of paper now so I won't forgot, You can begin guessing numbers right away. Depending on how things go and like the reception this gets, I might start another of these 10 days from now and have this game always going on. I might fix things up with a more optimized description and more appealing graphics later, but for the game this is plenty and begins now. Also your reward depends on how much financial aid you can get in one aid slots. So you can win $9,000 with FAC, $6,000 if you don't have it.


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325 - I wish to donate the money to someone else if I win

As long as they have a slot open and I don't have to move colors to send them it, you can have it go to another nation of your choice if you win.

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We have a winner! 777 was the number chosen.


I believe SirWilliam gets second place with his guess of 751 and Master Hakai gets 3rd with his choice of 750.


All 3 will be receiving an aid slot full of cash as their reward. Congratulate the winners!


Final Tally of the Game of Numbers

1st Place is Ruler the White

2nd Place is SirWilliam

3rd Place is MasterHakai


All 3 are good members of this community and I'm glad to see them win. Better luck next time to everyone else, I hope everyone who participated enjoyed the contest.

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