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[TE] Blockading with less than 250 land


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From the TE 'about' page:

"Each vessel type has an infrastructure support requirement as defined by Vessel Infrastructure (see vessel abilities chart below) which limits the number of each vessel type a nation can purchase based on that nations infrastructure level. (ie. A nation with 200 infrastructure would be able to build 1 Corvette (+1 x Drydocks) and 1 Landing Ship (+1 x Shipyards).) A nation must also have at least 250 land in order to purchase naval vessels. Both attacking and defending nations must have at least 250 land in order for attacking nations to operate their navy against another nation (If a defending nation has less than 250 miles of land but still has navy vessels on hand then Naval Attack operations against it are allowed). Nations that are in war mode may purchase up to 5 navy vessels per day. Navies are limited to 3 action slots per day. A player can use these action slots against a single enemy nation or use them against 3 separate nations. Nations must be at war with a nation in order to engage their navies against one another via the various attack types below:"

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