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Any good alliances?

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Any good alliances that I should join?
Anything that provide good money for newer  nations?

You should drop over and say hello at the Nuclear Proliferation League mate.


We can even set you up with a visitor/generic access mask so you can hang out and get a feel before deciding if you would like to officially join or not. Best way I think you'll find a good home is to take some time to get a feel for the type of community and social mix your joining. If your having fun hanging out it's likely you'll go onto have a blast following on with the nuts and bolts of playing the game as well.

Good luck!
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depends wat u want


srs biz bout game


we waste alot of our time playing other games xP

NPO, R&R... any of the larger mass recruiting alliances will hook you up with initial aid once you pass their exams.



dont group us with them D:


r&r is the only mass recruiting alliance xP



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