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Operation Brazillian Freedom

Zoot Zoot

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This is a planned war between myself, Joel James and Isaac. We have each agreed to not allow outside interference with this conflict to keep it clean and between the three of us.


The Northern Army comprised of slightly over one hundred thousand men had been massing along the border with the Solar Kingdom since the last flashpoint in the area. In divisions of ten thousand men, the forces gathered began gearing up for an all out assault on the Solar Kingdom with the aims of removing its Monarchy and installing a democratic Government. The reasons behind the move were pure and simple. The recently announced gaining of a nuclear arsenal and the discovery of advanced chemical and electromagnetic missiles had driven Alice to follow through with Operation Brazillian Freedom.

She could not allow such an unstable nation on her borders to be armed with chemical or nuclear weaponry. What further drove her motivations was the fact that you dont just "find" Chemical and EMP weaponry. That would mean that rogue elements inside the Kingdom have access to weaponised chemicals and advanced EMP technology which could in turn, be used against the Corporate Territories. Something had to be done. No declaration of war would be given, they would only know what was happening after the first strike.


The Fleet itself comprised of twenty seven surface ships and five submarines. The Carriers could each hold a compliment of one hundred and ten aircraft. Each Carrier would have thirty F-22's, thirty GB-2E's, twenty five GB-3C's and twenty five GB-2C's. Across the carriers, three hundred and thirty aircraft were assembled, with sixty extra F-22's back on the mainland.

The submerged ring of defence came in the form of five Astute Class submarines which were spread out around the fleet beneath the ice in a ring of steel operating in silence, using only passive SONAR and travelling at a snails pace. However the main submarine, a new Typhoon Two SSBN. It was carrying twenty strategic nuclear warheads. Being quadtriple hulled had been constructed with full stealth in mind and had full sound proofing around the two water pressurised reactor compartments and all the water recyling systems, including the steam flows. It was possibly the largest, quietest and hardest to kill submarine in the world. Three Delta Class pressure hulls encased in a smaller pressure hull ensured it was well protected from any and all attacks. Its stealth was its great asset. A drive system consisting of long shafts cut through the hull with impellers inside them, called a tunnel drive which was magnetohydrodynamicly driven would drastically reduce accoustic pollution which could lead to the detection of the sub. Along with the additional defence and propulsion upgrades, the Typhoon II also came with the 2076 towed array fitted in a distinctive bulb built into the rudder housing as fitted on the Astute attack submarines.

[b]Operation Hammertime[/b]
[i]Just after midnight[/i]

The strikeforce composed of twenty B-2's, thirty F-22's, thirty GB-2E and thirty GB-3S had been cruising for less than an hour since the smaller strike jets and fighters joined the bombers over Southern Brazil. With the entire force being highly stealth orientated, they made their way silently to the border with the Solar Kingdom in a very wide formation as to not alert Solarian RADAR operators. The B-2's were armed with anti radiation missiles which would accompany the GB-2E's in their attack on RADAR and anti air positions by using their powerful ECM suites and HARM missiles.

The B-2's closed into standoff range and launched their anti radiation missiles at the RADAR positions of the enemy network before turning in a wide arc and starting the return home, ten F-22's peeled off to escort them back to the airbase. The rest of the small airborne force sunk itself to below RADAR detection and and sped towards the islands.

Six E-2 Hawkeye 2000's flying in the Atlantic Ocean on the Solarian coast used their sensors to map the battlefield and enemy forces in the coastal areas. Orders were rapidly dispatched to the Corporate Air Force to begin an all out air assault against the Solar Kingdom. The AWACs began jamming enemy communications and sensors as the first assault began.

Three Squadrons of GB-2e's, three squadrons of GB-3S and two squadrons of F-22's moved across the frontier. GB-2e's would use their onboard jamming equipment supplemented by ECM pods to jam enemy radar and transmit false positions confusing enemy air defenses while transmitting false locations back. The GB-2e's would also pick up on enemy radar signals of the Solarian Air Defense network’s SAM launchers and ground based radar. A pair of HARMs were launched at each of these locations. Targeting information was also given to ship based based cruise missile launchers in the Atlantic with the fleet. BGM-109G cruise missiles were launched against these sites from the fleet destroyers as well while the GB-2e's were suppressing enemy missile defenses.

The GB-3s's would fire stand off air to ground munitions against enemy airfields seeking to crater the runways and fill the runways further hampering the ability to scramble air force units. GB-2e's and GB-3s's would then use their remaining weapons, air to air missiles to assist in air superiority for the duration of the assault.

Two squadrons of F-22's flew over the battlespace below radar. The stealth fighters would use their AESA to transmit signals of enemy aircraft and ground forces in the battle space. They would use their electro optical infrared sensors to attempt and find enemy stealth fighters. This would be supplemented by AWACs in the Arctic Ocean which were capable of finding the general location of stealth aircraft allowing the GB-3s to make more precise search. These targets if found would be engaged by IR missiles, the electro optical IR sensors designed specifically to defeat IR countermeasures thus increasing the kill rate.

The second wave of aircraft would be preparing to continue the air war back at base as the first wave of aircraft began their attack, they would not begin moving into attack the Kingdom until the first reports came in from the frontline.
The second wave would include: 843 aircraft from across the airforce.
F-22 x 10 squadrons
F35C x 10 squadrons
GB-2E - Dedicated EW platform - x 5 squadrons
GB-2K - Dedicated Ultra High Performance Air Superiority Fighter x 6 squadrons
GB-2C - Carrier based Ultra High Performance Air Superiority Fighter x 6 squadrons
GB-3C - Carrier based Ultra High Performance Multirole Aircraft x 6 squadrons
GB-3S - Dedicated Ultra High Performance Strike Aircraft x 6 squadrons
A-10 Thunderbolt II Ground Support Strike Aircraft x 5 squadrons
B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber x 3 squadrons
[b]Operation Rolling Thunder[/b]

[i]Shortly after the first aerial attacks begin[/i]

J-STARs and UAVs ranging from high altitude global hawks to unit operated mini-UAVs provided imaging intelligence to give forward assaulting units information on enemy locations and order of battle giving them an edge against the defending units. Armored cavalry and mechanized reconnaissance companies were ordered to begin advancing. Rear line Self Propelled Artillery batteries fired air burst shells against infantry units while armored companies would be engaged by armor penetrating shells. Main battle tanks would lead assaults, they would move in zig zag patterns during their advance while activating their ECM pods jamming anti-armor missile systems.

Mechanized recon companies of scimitar II's and warrior III's vehicles assaulted areas where imaging intelligence did not find armor vehicles. Like with the Challenger III MBTs, the Scimitars used ECM pods to prevent missile lock ons. Enemy infantry would be further surpressed by rear line air burst mortar batteries. Warrior ATVs moved to take the high ground and insert sniper-firing teams. The Northern Army all began making their way in division strength across the border, one hundred thousand soldiers moved at a lightening pace with heavy armour and mechanised infantry units leading the way. The Air division of each corps was sending forward its Apache Longbow attack helicopters to support ground operations.

[b]Operation Aqua[/b]

[i]At the same time as the ground offensive starts...[/i]

Orders came from the Admiralty to dispatch hunter killer submarines to seek and destroy all Solarian warships, with particular attention to be paid when it came to enemy submarines. All submarine contacts discovered were to be reported to Umbrella Command.

The Corporate hunter killer subs set out for ASW operations using highly sensitive equipment such as low frequency spread-spectrum electromagnetic surface wave devices and magnetic anomaly detection. The fleets three Uruguay Class frigates and two Riograndense Class Guided Missile destroyers assisted in ASW operations by deploying Lynx ASW helicopters which began sweeps of the fleets area of operations performing airborne low frequency sonar checks. Any detected submarines were to be exposed to the wrath of the helicopters torpedo weaponry, as well as sending the information to nearby submarines and sending them to attack the Solarian ships.

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The Commander in Chief of the Solaran Armed Forces walked into the King's room. "Sir, we have been attacked by The Umbrella Corporation. All our first response RADAR systems are down. Most of our other RADAR systems are being scrambled, so we only have a little insight of what is happening. What we do know is that a force of more than 75,000 troops are amassing at the Southern Border, and our navy is being destroyed. Most of our S-400s managed to get away unharmed, but a good 556 of our S-400s were either destroyed or damaged beyond repair. When the enemy planes were detected, the S-400s let loose, but the attack came too late. What should we do?" King Simon slouched back and sat for a long time before asking his question. "What is the status of the navy?" the Commander sighed and gave the bad news. "All four of our landing ships and one of our Cruisers are down. The remaining Cruiser, both Battleships, and Destroyers are fighting for their lives. They have detected a ring of 5 submarines, and we are launching both our heavy and light torpedoes, using the SONAR and other on board guidance systems. Do you have any more orders?" King Simon told him "Tell them to fire any BrahMos missiles at any enemy ships that come by, and keep launching torpedoes. I am declaring DEFCON 1. I also have some more orders. Station 150,000 soldiers armed with FN SCARs and Desert Eagles in the trenches in our southern borders along with some of those 'human tanks' you have been talking about. Make sure they have a chain gun and a Desert Eagle each. They all must have body armor as well. Also move in 1,500 tanks. 750 of them must be m1 Abrams tanks, and the other 750 will be the Leopard 2A6 Kampipanzer. Bring in 1,200 Main Hell Guns. Make sure the artillery and tanks are hidden well, and don't forget to build dummy positions. If possible, put the artillery underground to protect them against air strikes. To protect from air strikes, roll in 750 of those S-400 Triumfs, the 40N6 version. Keep a couple of Predator B and Predator C drones nearby. I will get the BrahMos missiles to fire when needed. We have a good amount in that area. Also use AWACS and their infrared scopes to collect whatever information we can and to scramble whatever RADAR they have in the area. Once that is completed, the air strike I sent will come in and bomb the enemy troops. Don’t forget to launch HARM missiles to take out the enemy RADAR! Station 200 F/A-37 Talons to protect our Southern Border as well. After this is finished, order an artillery barrage by our Main Hell Guns. In the coast, I will have no choice but to fire some missiles at the ships and hope that they get destroyed. I do not want any of them to have a chance to land on our beaches and cause havoc. The remaining ships will have to do their best to avoid destruction, otherwise we will not be able to defend a large part of the coast for a year, even if we win. That is all Commander." After writing down the king’s orders, the commander went to implement them.

[b]Some Time Later....[/b]

[b]Southern Border[/b]

150,000 soldier were dug in waiting for their command. They kept cleaning their SCARs, Desert Eagles, chain guns, whatever they had. They new that they were well protected with a good number of M1 Abrams, Leopard 2A6 Kampipanzer, S-400 Triumfs, and Main Hell Guns around, so the morale was as high as it has ever been. The RADAR that was in the area were
<JoelJames> sending out its radio waves trying its best to make sure that no vehicles or soldiers were coming in their direction. When some of the soldiers started drifting off, they heard a faint humming sound coming from above them....

[b]Airspace of the Southern Border[/b]

48 B-1 Lancers equipped with BrahMos missiles, HARM missiles and a fair number of bombs were being escorted by 96 of the famed F/A-37 Talons to blow the enemies out of their encampments. To confuse the enemy, they split into cells of 3 bombers and 6 fighters, making it a total of 16 cells. The planes were far enough from eachother so that they could not alert enemy RADAR. First, they fired their radio destroying HARM missiles to knock out enemy RADAR, so they could not fight back as well. Once this deed was accomplished, the cells started bombing the enemy soldiers and other machines of war with their bombs and their BrahMos air variant missiles. Once the deed was finished and the planes peeled off back to base, the roar of artillery shells could be heard coming from the north. As they landed, you could hear explosions and screams of pain from the enemy soldiers as they writhed in pain. After some time, the guns were silenced. The shells stopped falling. People only hoped that it was worth it. To protect the border, 200 F/A-37 Talons were sent to protect it.


After receiving their orders, the ships resumed doig what they were doing-trying to survive. Torpedoes were being fired, and now with the clearance, BrahMos missiles were being fired to destroy the surface ships. When the sailors on these ships looked up, they could see the land-based BrahMos missiles arc through the air and hit the enemy surface ships. With this, the morale on board shot up. Sailors were working harder than ever to protect their beloved nation. They could see enemy ships sinking below the waves, and they started cheering. They may be outnumbered better than 2 to 1, but they were not about to give up and die.

OOC:Bear with me if there are some mistakes in there I copied and Pasted it from IRC

[u][b]ON HOLD[/b][/u]

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[u][b]The night of the attack...[/b][/u]

Smith was just relaxing in his chair after the rather unprofessional and laughable summit in the history of Gallifreyan diplomacy. He herd of the attack first from SGT. Benton who was stationed on Gallifreys southern border with 26,000+ troops who had herd it from the leader of the 2,750 troops posted in the borders of the Solar Kingdom in Santiago. Smith answered the video call from Benton on the border.
"Sir is this thing on?" Benton asked
"Yes I can see you, how can I help you?"
"I have terrible news, Solar Kingdom has been attacked by the Umbrella Corporation."
"No clear reason yet sir, what is our reaction?"
"We will defend our allies. I fully trust in you to preform the tactics of the war, I will work on the politics."
"Good so do I have permission to move."
"Yes make all actions nessisary to assist our allies, You have full permission to act withing Gallifreyan laws to assist."
"Right I will get to it, thank you sir."
"Good luck, and God Bless."

[u][b]Operation Solar Power:[/b][/u]

Gallifreyan planes took air, in total the first wave of 200 planes from the Noble squadron passed Solarin borders a few hours after the attack to assist in defense of the southern border of the Solarin Kingdom 160 F/A 37 Talons and 40 B-2 spirit bombers all patrol the Solarin position on the border. They are ordered to engage any and all fighters they encounter that are not Solarin or Gallifreyan until further notice. The F/A 37'S are armed with HARM, Brahmos, and Exocet AM39 Air launched harpoons and a RADAR jamming system. The stealth design of the planes makes them hard to see on radar and even to the naked eye in the dark or broad day light. 150 AA emplacements have been made along the patrol zone, variants of the MIM system and and stinger missiles launched from Avenger platforms.
Benton ordered the rest of the air force to be on the closest border landing strip that is out of range from the combat zone.

[u][b]Operation T.A.R.D.I.S (Time and relative Defense in Solar):[/b][/u]

Benton now looked to ground defense and looked to his enemy's air power and considered it foolish to send in all of his troops at once to be slaughtered by an inevitable air attack, his prediction was this will be the largest wave of attack that we will see in the battle. The Diplomatic defense force made up of two battalions of 10,000 along with three battalions of 10,000 troops and 2 armoured divisions of 400 tanks from the 1st Attack division moved in to the trenches of the southern border along with the Solarin troops. They were set on high alert, always cocked and locked and taking turns on sleeping and watching duties. No man was out of uniform or unarmed. The 200 artillery batteries from the war games with Solar were also placed along the borders with dummy props all being dug under ground. All regristered the same heat signature wether dummy or not to further throw off their enemies. The trenches were in deep and had multiple bomb shelters in the case of an air raid and very few things short of a nuclear penetrating bomb could really get through. The troops were armed with Carbine 5.56 mm M4's, and desert eagles to start with, with the exception of the heavy troopers which were armed with SMAW (Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon) systems all troops are armored with IOTV tactical armor. All emplacements have RADAR jamming equipment as well to further confuse their enemies. The troops were ordered not to attack UP proper unless givin the order to as it is Gallifreyan policy not to preemptively hit at home when defending allies. All airborne divisions were activated so all airborne troops are ready to respond within an hour to be dropped in as reinforcements as well as the troops al ready in Solarin borders that aren't in the southern border. U.A.Vs armed with HARM missile systems and RADAR jamming equipment are also flying over the trenches ready to alert the troops at a moments notice.
These forces are all on their way at this very moment.


[i]"While the forces oncoming are predicted to be massive in size, the men seem prepared for their enemies. Ready to march in to possible death for their friends and families at home."[/i] Lt. Williams of the 1st Attack Division.

[b][u]Operation Deaf Mute:[/u][/b]

Benton realized that in no way did Gallifrey have any chance against the aggressors from sea and decided the least he could do is blind them. He launched 20 AWACS planes with a payload of RADAR jamming systems along with SONAR decoys to draw the enemy away from Solarin ships and cruisers and to distract them from the AWACS them selves. These AWACS were defended by 20 F/A 37 Talons armed with HARM,Brahmos, Harpoon anti ship missiles, and RADAR jamming systems. Their goal was to blind the UP navy of the Solarin ships as long as possible. Though the risk of losing the AWACS was there the fighters should be very hard to see especially in their small numbers and with the AWACS jamming systems the chance of being seen was low enough to take the small risk of the few planes being lost.

[b][u]A message from the Lord President to the Umbrella corporation via open broadcast:[/u][/b]

"Today you have hit an ally of Gallifrey, without any reason or provocation. Gallifrey will not stand for this, the men and women that have died at the hands of your military machines will be avenged by corporation blood! Gallifrey declares support for the Solar Kingdom and declares war on UP. Your evil corporation will burn along with all the other tyrants of the world in past times. You will die at our feet."

[u][b]ON HOLD[/b][/u]

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