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Texan Tea Trade

Evangeline Anovilis

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It's early in the morning. The Galveston Bay was calm and quiet, only a few fishing boats had set out for an early catch. The sun was already rising when on the horizon a cargo vessel appeared. The ship, with an estimated tonnage of 7000 tons and a cargo capacity of around 4000 tons was, if one looked more closely, a typical Vicidalian container ship of the [i]Iberville[/i] class and headed straight for Galveston. The [i]Mireille[/i] had strict orders, directly from the Comtesse de Nouvelle-Châteaudun.

On the bridge, Capitaine Gabrielle Ribauld was nervously observing the surroundings. Soon, they'd enter the territorial waters. "Send a message to the Admirality. We now enter Texan waters." "Oui, as you command." The sailor at the telegraph saluted and as the telegraph hammered slightly, Ribauld made a prayer for safe arrival.

[b]Port-au-Prince, French Haiti[/b]

[b]Unknown to the public[/b]

In the Joint Military base everything was in motion. A war against their own colony, a revolution to boot them out of the Americas, kept the French on their feet, however, Vicidalia was in no ways less busy. After the arrival of the Grand Fleet, the airforce was redeployed from Vicidalia to Port-au-Prince. No less than 4 divisions, the XIX[sup]ieme[/sup] to the XXII[sup]ieme[/sup], had been sent to the Military Base.

Generale Danielle Cartier, appointed as Joint Commander of the Franco-Vicidalian Army by the Senechal personally, had a steep career in the Vicidalian military. In less than 5 years she was promoted from Officier all the way up to Generale and this was the first mission assigned to her since the last promotion. As Joint Commander, it was now her task to coordinate Vicidalian assistance to French military operations, but altough it was hard and recquired a good deal of effort, the assistance was only supplies. For now, France had not made a call to ask Vicidalia to attack the rebellion. somehow, Cartier felt dgraded. As Officier she had fought battles and planned the attacks of her Compagnie, but now, now she just counted if all 4000 155mm artillery grenades had arrived and if they were in a 1/1 distribution of shrapnell to HE. This was a buereaucrats job, not a soldiers... And just as she had checked the box, confirming there were enough artillery shells, and wanted to go on to see if her Home Country really had sent 2 hectolitres of Sarin (After all, why would they do that?) a Fusilier stepped up to her. Saluting, he reported. "Generale, a telegram arrived. I was ordered to deliver it to you." Then the fusilier pulled a short piece of paper out of his bag and handed it over. To Cartier, the content was expected, but still, it was good news. She finally had an excuse. "Merci, back to your post. But before that, tell the Officiers to convene in the conference room. We need to be ready."


The Grand Fleet has left the port of Port-au-Prince and will now gather at the Florida Keys.

Grand Fleet Composition:

[*]Dalian-class Battleship [i]Dalian[/i]
[*]Dalian-class Battleship [i]St. Foucauld d'Ibouquis[/i]
[*]Cologne-class Corvette [i]Cologne[/i]
[*]Cologne-class Corvette [i]Lorraine[/i]

[b]OOC:[/b] I got a funny idea...

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[b]The Gulf of Mexico
Texas Territorial Waters
One Day After The Attack in Houston[/b]


It had been a little over 24 hours since the terrorist attack on the Texas Trade Tower in Houston. Civilian-Defense Protocol had been put into place, and the country had been moved back to DEFCON 1 from DEFCON 2. The President had already begun putting the country into military readiness, although it was being done stealthily. Since The Houston Ship Channel was the biggest port in the country, with Port Galveston coming in second, security was very tight. Because of the attacks, all trade had been temporarily although the emergency-ban was probably soon to be raised.

However the brave folks in [i]The Texas Coast Guard[/i], [i]The Texas Air Force[/i], [i]The Texas Navy[/i], and [i]The Texas Headquarters of Offense and Defense[/i] didn't really give a damn what happened anywhere across the country - they were always fully prepared and ready to protect, serve, and defend Texas and her waters from any threat.

Before the cargo ship would have even gotten close to Texas waters, it would have already been begun to be monitored by THOD. The minute THOD would get wift of the strange ship, the military would be told and crafts would begin heading towards the area. Since Texas was on a heightened since of alert, and had been for about a month now, the Coast Guard were like rats in the Gulf of Mexico. Since the Coast Guard was... well guarding the Coast, they quickly acted when THOD gave them a call about the cargo ship, which was already being followed by local fishermen per request of The Overlord.

A local Navy vessel, The [i]Liberty[/i], started to make contact with the Vicidalian vessel. "This is Captain Alfred Schwartz of The Texas Navy Vessel, [i]Liberty[/i]. You are nearing Texas waters. Divert your course now, or be taken as a threat to The Republic of Texas. Divert your course now." The [i]Liberty[/i] would continue to keep talking to the vessel.

"Fishing Vessel: Catherine, this is Overlord with the Texas Headquarters of Offense and Defense. At three o'clock from your bow you should see a mid-sized cargo vessel a few hundred yards off from the waters. We don't know who this vessel is from, who is on board, or what their buisness is. By request of The Secretary of The Navy, I would like to ask that you please peruse the vessel once they pass you and get into our waters. The Coast Guard and Air Force have already been alerted. Feel free to get anyone else in your area to help."
The Fishing Captain looked at his radio for a moment. After a little more communication, and proof of identification, the OverLord convince him watch the vessel as it came closer. Six other fishing ships in the area also clustered into a group. Since they were smaller they were faster and could maneuver more easily through the waters.


Meanwhile, before the fishing-captains were even alerted, the Coast Guard had already had four of it's smaller vessels in the area within viewing distance of the vessel. The [i]Liberty[/i] of [i]The Texas Navy[/i] was already in the area since her sister ships and her had been there because of recent affairs. One of the vessels made her way back to Corpus while the other was heading to Galveston for refueling. The [i]Liberty[/i] was full steam ahead to the area with the suspicious ship. Three fully armed BlackHawks with extra armed men zoomed through the skies at maximum speed to make it to the area quickly. However once the fishing ships got close enough and they noticed that the ship was Vicidalian, a country not to friendly with Texas, they quickly made contact back with OverLord.

Aboard The [i]Liberty[/i] was an armed BlackHawk with several members of the [i]Texas Special Forces[/i] on board. The Navy BlackHawk would take off from The [i]Liberty[/i] and speed ahead of the ship towards the Vicidalian vessel and would begin using the loudspeakers on the helicopter. "Vicidalian vessel, you are nearing Texas waters. Turn around now, or you will be acting in aggression against the Republic of Texas." The message was repeated in several other languages, as was The [i]Liberty[/i]'s messages to the ships, including French and Spanish.

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As Capitaine Ribauld heard of the Coast guard, she stopped the engines. Using the megaphone she answered the call. "We are mere tea traders. We don't see why Texas denies their people delicious tea. We will procede and should Texas want us to stop, they will have to get her Highness herself to give us the order. FOR THE TEA!!!" And with maximum speed the ship drove towards Galveston.


The Grand Fleet will now be supplied with ammunition from cargo vessels, as they stay near the Florida Keys.

Port-au-Prince, French Haiti

"Generale, the Coast Guard has contacted the ship. As ordered, Capitaine Ribauld stayed at her course." It was dim in the conference room. The Generale had all the various maps, lists and reports at her disposal, her troops were to be moved at the wink of a finger. And it was up to her competence, wether their move would be life or death, victory or defeat. "Contact the Texans, we are ready to meet them."

[quote][b]To: The Texan Coast Guard
From: Generale Danielle Cartier
Subject: Tea Trade[/b]

We have heard, Texas is a land of liberty, but yet, it restricts the liberal market with its interventionist refusal to open their markets. Not only that, but Texas already refused to honor the agreement and to cede the land surrounding Shamrock, which we now will protest against. We hereby warn Texas to not restrict free trade in regards to harmless goods as well as not to interfere in the affairs of the rebellion in their neighbouring country. Else, Vicidalia will use force to reclaim our rights. Consider this the first and last warning.

With regards,
[i]Danielle Cartier[/i][/quote]

"Let the airforce start. We need to protect our fleet."

[b]OOC:[/b] Gunboat diplomacy!

Edited by Evangeline Anovilis
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[quote][center][font="Times New Roman"][size="7"][i]Declaration of the Grand Principality of Vicidalia[/i][/size][/font][/center]



Recently, there has been an uncalled for attack against the very ideas of Colonialism, Free Trade, Order, Honor, Truth, Confidence, and the Divine Right to Rule within North America. A native nation has come, through the former Nouvelle France, and helps overthrowing the legitimate government. This native nation is attacking, invading, slaughtering, and decolonizing an ally of the Grand Principality of Vicidalia. They have made threats against the sovereignity of France, they have threatened the Government of France, and they have attacked the Legitimate and Rightful rule of the colonial government of The Commune of France. There are those who have helped the Rebels, and they will be held accounted for, however it is now time for The Absolutist and Righteous Grand Principality of Vicidalia to make a Public Declaration.

As of today, January 2nd, 2151, The Grand Principality of Vicidalia hereby declares protection over The Free Tea Trade in the Americas and the Colonial Rule in Nouvelle France and recognizes that the old, rightful government in France holds certain rights in her colonies which others do not control over her.

The Right to establish colonies
The Right to have a standing military
The Right to declare war and create peace
The Right to protect their people from foreign, and domestic attacks
The Right to pass and create Law
The Right to tax
The Right to conduct free trade
The Right to drink tea

If any nation, no matter who they are or where they come from, threatens these Sovereign Rights of The Commune of France or Free Tea Trade in the Americas, then it will be taken as a direct attack against The Grand Principality of Vicidalia. If any nation, including Texas, attempts to attack, subdue, decolonize, or prevent their peoples from drinking tea, then a swift, forceful, and armed retaliation from the Vicidalian Reformed Army will be the result of said attack.

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one country to reinstate the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the supreme and absolute rule to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the Rights of Old requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the reinstation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created by God, that they are born by their Creator into certain unmovable Classes, that among these are Noblesse, Citizens and Serfs. That to secure these divine order, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the Divine Right to Rule, That whenever any Action of the people becomes destructive of this Order, it is the Right of the Government to subdue or to punish them, and to institute the Ancien Regime, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to ensure the old Order and Divine Will. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is never their right, it is surely not their duty, to throw off such Government, but for the Government to provide new Guards for its future security.

For the reasons offered before, and for the reasons unfolding now, Vicidalia hereby Declares: It's complete and utter blockade of Texan Trade, It's Right to protect an ally in need, and also that France must ensure the rightful rule in its colonies, because their reign should not be subdued.

In order to lift the blockade, we therefor ask the following to you to be fullfilled:


[*]The payment of 50 million Louise d'Or to reimburse France for losses due to Texan aggression.
[*]The payment of 50 million Louise d'Or to reimburse us for losses due to the inability to conduct Tea Trade in Texas.
[*]The opening of Texas to trade by the Compagnie du Commerce et des Colonies Vicidaliénnes
[*]An official explanation and apology to the Compagnie for this act against Tea Trade.
[*]A guarantee of the Texan Republic to not meddle in France's affairs anymore.

We urge you to agree to this, unless you want us to take harsher measures. Any ship discovered to be heading for the Gulf will be contacted, stopped, inspected and if found to trade with Texas, confiscated. Should the ship be from a nation other than Texas, the ship will be returned with all of its crew and cargo to the owner.

[b]On Behalf of The Vicidalian Reformed Army[/b]
[i]Lisette de Nouvelle-Beziérs[/i]

[b]On Behalf of The Compagnie du Commerce et des Colonies Vicidaliénnes[/b]
[i]Charlotte de Nouvelle-Châteaudun[/i]

[b]On Behalf of all of Vicidalia[/b]
[i]Louise Françoise I, Grande-Princesse de Vicidalia[/i][/quote]


The Grand Fleet now relocates to a new position between Andros and Cuba. The Cologne is now relocating to a new position west of Cuba. The Forces airiénnes de Vicidalia look out for ships between Fort Myers and Cancun.

[b]OOC:[/b] The symbols in the Seal are pipe and book.

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[quote]Classified, Hand Delivered
To: 558th, 559th, 560th Air Strike Regiments, 3rd Spartan Marine Division, Battlegroup 1.2, 333rd Replenishment Squadron, Air Transport Command

Prepare for imminent deployment to the North American continent.[/quote]


Upon delivery of the warning order the notified units are thrown into a frenzy of preparations for a possible departure for North America.

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As the Mireille was about to advance, they received a telegram from the Compagnie. "What is it now? Did they change orders again" Capitaine Ribauld was annoyed. "They did. I'm just typing as they send me their new orders." While the Mireille anchored, the typewriters clackered and Ribauld wondered what the Compagnie would send them for it to need that long.

[quote][b]To: The Texan government
From: Charlotte de Nouvelle-Châteaudun
Subject: Lifting the Blockade

As a blockade cannot be the true will of any of our countries, given the expenses both sides have due to it, Vicidalia hereby revises its demands, should Texas settle this now. The Compagnie du Commerce et des Colonies Vicidaliénnes will lift the Naval Blockade, should Texas sign the following document.

[quote][center][font="Times New Roman"][size="4"]Treaty of Amity and Commerce[/size][/font][/center]

[b][center]ARTICLE I.[/center][/b]

The President of the Republic of Texas and Her Majesty the Grand Princess of Vicidalia, desiring to establish on firm and lasting foundations, the relations of peace and relationship now happily existing between the two countries, and to secure the best interest of the respective citizens and subjects, by encouraging, facilitating and regulation their industry and trade, have resolved to conclude a treaty of amity and commerce, for this purpose. They will also exchange consuls to establish lasting relations of friendship.

[b][center]ARTICLE II.[/center][/b]

Texas agrees to open its ports to trade with the Compagnie du Commerce et des Colonies Vicidaliénnes and guarantees the safety of private property of the Compagnie inside the borders, on land, as well as on the seas, of the Republic of Texas, as well as the safety and the right to adequate accommodation of all personal the Compagnie may send to Texas to conduct its business. No wall, fence, or gate shall be erected by the Texans around the place of residence of the Vicidalians, or anything done which may prevent a free egress and ingress to the same.

[center][b]ARTICLE III.[/b][/center]

Duties shall be paid to the Government of Texas on all goods landed in the country, and on all articles of Texan production that are exported as cargo, the tariffs will be suspended to encourage free and equal trade. The maximum amounts of import duties to be paid to Texas will be 20% of the goods value.

The importation of opium or any drug related to it is prohibited; and, any Vicidalian vessel coming to Texas for the purposes of trade having more than one pound weight of such substances on board, such surplus quantity shall be seized and destroyed by the Texan authorities. All goods imported into Texas and which have paid the duty fixed by this Treaty, may be transported by the Texans into any part of the republic without the payment of any tax, excise, or transit duty whatever.

No higher duties shall be paid by Vicidalia on goods imported into Texas than are fixed by this Treaty, nor shall any higher duties be paid by Vicidalians than are levied on the same description of goods if imported in Texan vessels, or the vessels of any other nation. It is also not in the spirit of friendship, and therefor forbidden, for any side to openly call for boycott of the other sides wares or to hinder trades and purchases in any way, nor should this be encouraged.

[center][b]ARTICLE IV.[/b][/center]

Vicidalians committing offenses against Texans shall be tried in Vicidalian Consular courts, and, when guilty, shall be punished according to Vicidalian law. Texans committing offenses against Vicidalians shall be tried by the Texan authorities and punished according to Texan law. The Consular courts shall be open to Texan creditors, to enable them to recover their just claims against Vicidalian citizens; and the Texan courts shall in like manner be open to Vicidalian citizens for the recovery of their just claims against Texan citizens.

[center][b]ARTICLE V.[/b][/center]

Vicidalians in Texas shall be allowed the free exercise of their religion, and for this purpose shall have the right to erect suitable places of worship. No injury shall be done to such buildings, nor any insult be offered to the religious worship of the Vicidalians. Vicidalian citizens shall not injure any Texan church or shrine, or offer any insult or injury to Texan religious ceremonies, or to the objects of their worship.

The Vicidalians and Texans shall not do anything that may be calculated to excite religious animosity.

[center][b]ARTICLE VI.[/b][/center]

The Texan Government, as well as any Texan private entrepeneur may purchase in the Grand Principality ships-of-war, steamers, merchant ships, whale ships, cannon, munitions of war, and arms of all kinds, and any other things it may require. It shall have the right to engage in the Vicidalian scientific, naval and military men, artisans of all kind, and mariners to enter into its service. It is not allowed to force them though.

[center][b]ARTICLE VII.[/b][/center]

After the 2nd of January, 2052, upon the desire of either the Vicidalian or Texan Governments, and on one year's notice given by either party, this Treaty, together with the regulations of trade hereunto annexed, or those that may be hereafter introduced, shall be subject to revision by Commissioner's appointed on both sides for this purpose, who will be empowered to decide and insert therein, such amendments as experience shall prove to be desirable.

[center][b]ARTICLE VIII.[/b][/center]

This Treaty shall go into effect on the 2nd of January, 2051 . This Treaty is executed in duplicate, each copy being written in English and French languages, all the versions having the same meaning and intention, but the French version shall be considered as being the original.

As plenipotentiary of the Grand Princess,

[i]Charlotte de Nouvelle-Châteaudun[/i]

As plenipotentiary of Texas[/quote][/quote]

[b]OOC:[/b] A bit old-style, but good enough. Took me quite some work.

[b]Edit:[/b] Oops, I used the wrong year...fixed

Edited by Evangeline Anovilis
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The Corporate Territories demands that this Grand Principality withdraw this ultimatum.

You preach the divine right to rule, and you sit now on your arse on your throne demanding a Nation bow to you, and do as you demand.

The Corpoate Territories also enforces a no trade policy with your Nation, yet you do not demand we open our Ports.

If France has a problem with Texas, then it is Frances prerogative to handle it, not its whipping boy slave.

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NPS New Panama was one of Panama's newest ship. It was a brand new design created solely for the exportation of Coffee at high speeds and was current;y destined for Texas. Unfortunately due to them being at sea since this incident had occurred they were completely oblivious to the fact that there was a blockade in place around Texas and continued to approach as any normal person would.

Again, unbeknownst to them they were rapidly approaching the perimeter that had been emplaced by the Vicidalians.

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Canada recognizes that the Grand Principality of Vicidalia is a de-stabilizing force in the Americas and is attempting to subvert the general peace and sovereignty of an independent North American nation, the Republic of Texas. We advise Vicidalia that their recent posturing in the region is ill-conducive to any sort of diplomatic resolution of the current situation.

Trade will continue between Canada and Texas. Should any Canadian vessel be seized or boarded it will be considered a violation of Canadian sovereignty and treated accordingly. Additionally, any attack or seizure of Texan ships will be seen as an aggressive action against the Republic of Texas and we will defend our allies accordingly.


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[b]Government Statement[/b]

After a lack of response from the [s]Grand[/s] Principality of Vicidalia, the First Fleet will be deployed out of New Panama and will ensure that Texan interests are kept safe from interference by Vicidalia.

Trade will continue between The Corporate Territories and Texas. Should any Corporate vessel be seized or boarded it will be considered a violation of Corporate sovereignty and treated accordingly. Additionally, any attack or seizure of Texan ships will be seen as an aggressive action against the Republic of Texas and we will defend our American Brothers and Sisters accordingly.

This is a final warning, retract your ultimatum, or provoke the wrath of the First Fleet.


The First Fleet departed its base in New Panama and moved itself to the outer Maritime boundries of Texas. Messages were sent to the Texan President, and to the Commander of the Texan Naval Defence Forces, informing them of the First Fleets intentions to aid them.

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Should any of Newfoundland's ships that are in route to The Republic of Texas be boarded, seized, or in any-way harmed, by the Grand Principality of Vicidalia, will be deemed as a attack on the merchants of said ships, and as such, on Newfoundland, and her sovereignty, and shall be treated as such. We shall continue to trade with our friends of Texas, but if necessary, will refuse to trade with the Grand Principality of Vicidalia, should such be required. Additionally, any attack or seizure of Texan ships will be seen as an aggressive action against the Republic of Texas and we will defend our trading partners if such is needed.

[b] Minister of Foreign affairs- Harley Kokoro[/b]

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[font="Times New Roman"][center][size="7"]Statement of the Grand Principality[/size][/center][/font]

Due to the unexpected betrayal of our country by the forces of the Lunar Republic, whom we consider a faithful friend and ally, but who was only waiting to take our country, we will now no longer be able to uphold our blockade to guarantee free trade. The treaty proposal for Texas however remains and we would be happy if they would accept it, unless they want us to return, should we be able to hold our ground against the Lunar demons.


The Grand Fleet heads for Brest, in order to get away from the fights. The 4 divisions in Port-au-Prince are recalled to Nouvelle-Beziérs, as is the airforce.

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"While the Republic of Texas is grateful that Vicidalia has offered a treaty to Texas, we must decline as of now. Unfortunately, the Senate rejected the treaty before it could even get to the House of Representatives, so my hands are tied. I thank you for the offer; and I would suggest that you get your tea ship out of Texas waters immediately or there will be repercussions. Texas me be interested in a non-agression treaty though."


Benjamin Gates
[b]President of The Republic of Texas[/b]

Edited by PresidentDavid
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[b]Unknown to the public[/b]

In the Conference room the High Command of the Vicidalian Reformed Army already plans out how to kill off the West Vicidalian rebels, as they had nothing to do. The emergency session was just a lengthy argument between the government and the First Princess and maybe soon they had no employment anymore. Everything was more interesting than to watch that tradgedy in front of them.

[b]OOC:[/b] I decide when it is the end. And if I get a bugging government in exile.

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"The Republic of Vicidalia wants to apologise to the Texans over the rudeness and brutality of the Ancien regime in dealing with such a matter. We would extend our hand in friendship to the Texans, in order to ensure a long and lasting peace in the Americas."

[b]The Revolutionary Council[/b]

Attached a bouquet of flowers.

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[b]OOC:[/b] Hey, they suffered from political opression and many were forced to work in gold mines. I think they were treated worse than your people by the former Grand Principality. And yet, you suspect them of such hideous acts...



The Pinapple was warmly welcomed and would serve as snack on the next meeting of the Revolutionary Council.

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[quote name='Evangeline Anovilis' timestamp='1325723263' post='2892807']
[b]OOC:[/b] Hey, they suffered from political opression and many were forced to work in gold mines. I think they were treated worse than your people by the former Grand Principality. And yet, you suspect them of such hideous acts...



The Pinapple was warmly welcomed and would serve as snack on the next meeting of the Revolutionary Council.

OOC: It's not them that I don't trust, it is you :blush: If you want to be friends then I see no reason why.

IC: The flowers were put above the fire place in the President's Estate.

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