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Born on a Bayou


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[center][b][size="6"]Official Announcement from the Interim Government of the Cajun Federation[/size][/b]


[i]Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Parishes[/i]

It has been a long while since we all shared a taste of the freedom of nationhood, of independence for our people. For many centuries, our peoples have been handicapped by being the underrepresented, forced into the backwaters of states, forced to live like the uncivilized nomads of millenia ago, just for the origin of our blood. We have tasted the bitter waters of being a minority, and have seen little respite since the [i]le Grand Dérangement[/i].

We now rise from our homes in the backwaters of the Delta, from the knolls upriver and east, we come together under one flag to unite, and create a new state. A state of citizens whom were held in ill will long ago, for the language they spoke, the customs they practiced, and even for the way they prayed. We, the Interim Government of the [b]CAJUN FEDERATION[/b], declare our independence from the protection of the gracious Empire of Pravus Ingruo, and hereby establish a confederation of states comprising [b]Louisiana[/b], [b]Arkansas[/b], and [b]Mississippi[/b]. May he who rule from on High look down and see harmony in these lands forever after.


[b]Viceroy Henri Broussard[/b]

Head of Cajun Federation Interim Government

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"In honor of the service of the Broussard Family to the Cajun people, the Interim Government of the Cajun Federation, we hereby appoint Henri Broussard, Prince (Etranger) of Acadia, Protector of the Bayou, as the Head of State of the Federation. May God cast his good graces upon his majesty, leader of the Federation, now the reigning prince of our humble nation under the glorious southern sun."


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"The Cajun Federation thanks the recognition it has received from the world thus far, and accepts all offers for diplomatic parlay, offices will be made available in Baton Rouge as soon as they become available. Thank you for your patience in this time of our countries' transition."

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"In the tradition of offering our finest locales for our guests, from both near and afar, the Interim Council has appropriated the old Louisiana State Capitol Building as the cornerstone for diplomacy, we will make space for any and all nations willing to establish an office in this lovely, monolithic, and just downright [i]gorgeous[/i] venue."


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