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  1. It doesn't matter if you have 2 computers. It's one nation per NETWORK! The mods have since reversed their decision on allowing multiple nations per ip, and you (should have) known this for months. Just recreate one (1) nation, and start over again. And BTW, if you think that donating to this game nets you extra stuff, then think again.
  2. It seems like Singapore's ISP's funnel their traffic through several public ip's. Someone most likely already has an account through your gateway.
  3. You nation was deleted because you violated a rule that you agreeded to in the T&C you signed when you created your account. Check your e-mail, because you will of recieved an email explaining why your account was deleted.
  4. ...having the same isp Most likely your ISP has a limited set of dynamic ip's that they give you everytime you cycle your modem. At one point, you had his ip, and at one point he had your ip. but the problem is we cant trade! You will NEVER be allowed to trade with him. Just find a new trade buddy.
  5. Because either someone already has a nation on that network, or someone was a very stupid noob and got themselves banned on that network.
  6. It's kinda ironic that to play your own game you have to go into hiding....or sad Or both. So, admin, need Cattle and Fish?
  7. I hear if you declare war on them you get a cookie...... Let's see.... Out of four trade slots, he has four open...his citizens must be mad at him.... I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  8. What names are you trying to use? St. Jimmy/Russia? (Ruler/Nation)
  9. Did you get banned from the game? Or just simply deleted for inactivity?
  10. DO NOT DOWNLOAD TOR, it will get you banned. You will NEVER be able to aid/war/trade with him EVER. The game keeps track of all IP address that you have used, and will NEVER allow two people who have EVER shared an IP to aid/war/trade with oneanother.
  11. Is this page a 404 error page? Or a DNS timeout page? Or a username/password bad page?
  12. I love Admin It's working now. Both the game and the forums.
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