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  1. [quote name='bros2' date='29 April 2010 - 12:41 PM' timestamp='1272559295' post='2279942'] This could happen to [b]anyone[/b] who checks the box to be logged in forever, as the cookies can be taken by using a cookie grabber. [/quote] You don't even need to check the little box. In fact, I can hijack your session even after you log out.
  2. [quote name='Bob Janova' date='29 April 2010 - 12:08 PM' timestamp='1272557290' post='2279918'] On another note, any alliance which is still running an outdated version of SMF (or IVF) at this point pretty much deserves to get broken into, it's not like this is the first occurence or no-one's mentioned it before. Go and upgrade them right now! [/quote] Problem there, is that [i]every single[/i] version of SMF has a critical vulnerability that allows anyone to hijack your user account.
  3. *sigh* [img]http://img121.imageshack.us/img121/6468/cpu.gif[/img] [img]http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/3418/netw.gif[/img] Those are histograms of Tilton53's server's activity. See the plateau in the CPU graph at Week 9? And the spike just before and just after that in the Network graph? Someone hacked the server and uploaded a list of passwords to crack, the server cracked a couple, and the hacker downloaded the list a couple days later. Furthermore, the owner of the log files was changed from "logs" to "root". "chown root /var/logs" anyone? ThunderStrike says that no one ever pres
  4. You ask for forgiveness and reconciliation but yet you get banned from Coldfront because you stole an alliance's public IRC channel? Oh and that little stunt with "PWNEDTHEBALLER"? Nice try.
  5. Admin. Having a Viceroy is against the game's ToS.
  6. Oh it was. Trust me. Because you know, DerekJones is such a threat to the IGV.
  7. Duh. Don't you remember radio-slience from a while back?
  8. If it helps you sleep at night degen.
  9. Oh. I never read the OP. Sorry. I thought it had to deal with him actually leaving the GGA and not some made-up fantasy about a NPO/Vox/GGA love triangle.
  10. The OP is not a joke. Come to my house and you'll get a raise
  11. Yep, you're at rock bottom now.
  12. Right.... You keep up those disallusions.
  13. Wait. If they turn off their computers, then this epic thread would die.
  14. I'm not missing his point. I'm saying that while the NPO influence over the GGA is the strongest, they arn't the only one strongly influenced by the NPO. Hence, two NPO children won't cancel their treaties.
  15. GGA's treaties: NATO The Brigade ODN Echelon TPF TORN UPN VE GDA IRON MCXA NPO Valhalla Now how many of those do you think are also under the control of Pacifica?
  16. Spying will get you kicked from the alliance.
  17. ...about that. I suggust you take a closer look at my AA.
  18. Nope, he got it. It was the last one; "GGA announcement"
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