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  1. I agree with all of it. Even my first time creating an alliance I knew what was necessary to create it. (Granted, I didn't have all the supplies ready, but I don't think it's going too bad still. )
  2. Translate your sentence to Japanese and then back to American enough and then you have been voting for a mix of Democrats and Republicans. lol

  3. OK.. No, I haven't been voting both Democrat and Republican...

  4. You need to fix it when you type it into your browser... for some reason the co-m are seperated. Just get rid of the space and it should work. Apparently you have been voting "mix of both Democrats and Republicans"

  5. You go Bazeilles. *hides*

  6. Good to hear, I was worried you had a grudge against me now.

  7. Meh, apology accepted I guess or something. ;)

  8. I just wanted to apologize for my remark and wish that we can debate our differences in the future and learn from one another rather than attack each other.

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