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  1. bigwilly

    A PSA brought to you by IRON

    Good war!
  2. bigwilly

    WTF is wrong with 2018?!?

    I have instructed my alliance to send/accept peace. Good fightin! Best of luck for the rest of the round.
  3. bigwilly

    WTF is wrong with 2018?!?

    Care packages with Nukes!! You 're too kind sir
  4. NLoN's agrees to that. Happy Holidays .
  5. bigwilly

    No recongnition of hostilities?

    Alright Mitten. Thank you for your insight.
  6. bigwilly

    No recongnition of hostilities?

    This is just an ongoing feud Mitten. If we didn't fight now, it be later in the round or next round.
  7. What if Roman Empire join in on IRON's side ??
  8. DEFCON 1 has asked for us to join forces in this battle against IRON. Best of luck in the wars.
  9. bigwilly

    UN DoW

    Sounds good.
  10. bigwilly

    Wolf and the Lamb

    We agree to peace as well. Nations are being instructed to end the wars. Working on King Edward to stand down.
  11. bigwilly

    Roman Empire & NLoN

    Thank you Roman Empire. I have instructed NLoN to not declare any further wars. Now , does this mean after the peace is made, we have 7-days of immunity?
  12. bigwilly

    Roman Empire & NLoN

    Alight. Mitten and Ningkeptune, can we have peace?
  13. bigwilly

    Roman Empire & NLoN

    Just so I can understand, after a war expires, it's okay to keep attacking? I'm just trying to figure this all out guys... I'm not trying being sarcastic, I'm just trying to understand these "rules" .
  14. Roman Empire breaks the Gentlemen's Accord: Article IV "An alliance that is exiting an alliance-wide war will be granted a 7-day amnesty from all aggressive wars against them" I messaged Ningkeptune and told him it was a well fought war and one round is over and is enough (i think that is fair). There was no reason to go a second round of attacks. Look everyone, trash talking is trash talking.. Roman Empire claims a war because we "are not being more vocal" ... is this a legitimate claim? We fought the war, now Roman Empire attacks again and now ask for a "vocal" surrender. We will not surrender, but on the same note, Roman Empire has attacked us with 2 blind attacks. NLoN does ask that alliances reviews this and that Roman Empire is dealt with accordingly. Is this not what Roman Empire wants, us to be more vocal?? Well, I'm here discussing this....
  15. How are we being reckless at all? We fought the war and it was well fought. And have we not been talking on this thread??? Trash talking is part of the game. Both sides are doing it! Now this second attack is a cheap shot from you guys and in violation of the Accord.