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  1. Dr William Westcher

    Rise of The Neutral Menace

    I really hope that the peace star is a secret project to throw your weight around GPA
  2. Dr William Westcher

    Hey guys

    o/ SPARTA!!!!
  3. Dr William Westcher

    3 strikes, and you're out

    Nice DoW
  4. Dr William Westcher

    A little announcement

    This is my happy day.
  5. Dr William Westcher

    An Announcement from the Mushroom Kingdom

    [quote name='tamerlane' timestamp='1339785316' post='2985058'] Preach all you want for your words are but wind. Haughty tough speak does not define one's faith, action defines faith. We are Allarchon's hand and his word is our command. [/quote] This makes you sound less smart than I thought you were. Pity.
  6. Dr William Westcher

    Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

    [quote name='Letum' timestamp='1339730651' post='2984309'] It's quite interesting to see this from the same Umbrella who was so adamant about NPO being quiet and dangerous in the past, because nobody knew where they stood, and just assumed the worst based off the rumours they got told. We took your advice to heart, you should be happy. Let's not be amateurs here. There are dozens of parties all over the web who would have an interest in making NPO look bad. Some want to make us look [b]like we have given up our backbone and are unquestioning puppets[/b]. Some want to show us as MK allies. Some want to show us as an aggressive beast that can't wait to get to SF or XX or VE or Polar or what have you. So we feel the need to let everyone know where we stand. Yes, there are inherent conflicts in our position, but so be it. Just because it isn't what you would like to hear does not mean that we are going to shut up and keep our opinions at home. [/quote] Hmmmm, mk?? [spoiler][quote]cry out against us all you'd like, you'll never obfuscate the fact that we control you [/quote][/spoiler] Hmmmm...
  7. Dr William Westcher

    Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

    [quote name='Letum' timestamp='1339715052' post='2984087'] If people are getting this butthurt over NPO not [u]toying[/u] the party line, then this thread has been successful beyond our expectations. [b]Let's not be stupid here.[/b][/quote] -Removed-
  8. Dr William Westcher

    Announcement from Umbrella

    [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1339770676' post='2984810'] so, GOONS hit RIA tonight then? I'm assuming RnR will be left alone until INT declares on somebody. [/quote] R&R*
  9. Dr William Westcher

    An Announcement from the Mushroom Kingdom

    [quote name='Stormsend' timestamp='1339686403' post='2983399'] As the Baron of Admissions for the Mushroom Kingdom, I take the safety of our applicants very seriously. [/quote]
  10. Dr William Westcher

    An Announcement from the Mushroom Kingdom

    [quote name='James Dahl' timestamp='1339643852' post='2982685'] I wonder how Dave got through their interview process so quickly, he must be very charming [/quote] lol, VERY CHARMING (I really hope no-one that plays this game is stupid enough to think MK wants anything other than a reason to fight) [quote name='Ardus' timestamp='1339644129' post='2982698'] Perhaps because it is the honest reasoning behind our actions? Dave is accused of less than even Ordo Verde, and the Kingdom rode to the distant green defense. I see no reason why we should not ride again. CSN is a terrible alliance that is, once again, in the wrong. We aim to punish them for it. For Dave93. [/quote] How are they once again wrong? Most alliances would ZI a spy right? [quote name='flak attack' timestamp='1339648842' post='2982874'] I would rather have it, use it and lose it than have it, keep it and never use it. Power only truly exists if used. [/quote] That is what ignorant idiots say (no-offense) But true power is the power that exists without a need to use it. I bet you like the war overseas dontcha? [quote name='Banksy' timestamp='1339656484' post='2983113'] at least you're being honest then. you don't give a $%&@ about the csn situation, you're just upset because, yet again, you've all proven yourselves to be useless at politics. ooc: we've been doing this since !@#$@#$ 2009 guys, honestly. you are so incompetent. [/quote] You should give him lessons on careful politicking and rational diplomacy. [quote name='Banksy' timestamp='1339656585' post='2983118'] yeah and you can't do !@#$ about it because you're a terrible alliance and a terrible leader. [/quote] This should do it. [quote name='Banksy' timestamp='1339656634' post='2983120'] look at our sigs, are feelings for dave are 100% genuine. [/quote] Look at the internet, our feelings for Rick Astley are 100% genuine, and in no way caused by some kind of stampede of idiocy. [quote name='Banksy' timestamp='1339657285' post='2983134'] yeah no problem, flick me a pm if you need anything else cleared up absolutely. while some people just claim to be friends, our signatures show that we've really gone that extra mile to solidify our friendship with dave93, or 93 as we call him (it's reserved for intimate friends only so please don't go brandishing it about). [/quote] This is the funniest thing you have said in this thread. You suddenly are best friends. And that bond GOES ALL THE WAY BACK to what yesterday?
  11. Dr William Westcher

    Argent Announcement

    [quote name='Kenfolk GTS' timestamp='1339376156' post='2980459'] Lines being drawn? [/quote] What do you mean? Just curious
  12. Dr William Westcher

    Gears of War

    [quote name='Johnny Apocalypse' timestamp='1339372950' post='2980428'] it's a man saluting. just don't look at it as if the o is the back of a mans head otherwise it looks bad. [/quote] [quote name='Neo Uruk' timestamp='1339373460' post='2980432'] That's actually a good representation tbh [/quote] [quote name='King Ernie' timestamp='1339373761' post='2980435'] I always thought of o/ as hailing, and o7 as saluting. Besides that, thank you all for the continued kind words [/quote] You have enlightened me gentlemen! Thanks so much. And I really like this treaty a lot
  13. Dr William Westcher

    Gears of War

    o/ Sparta Why do people do the o/ thing? Anyone wanna explain nicely?
  14. Dr William Westcher

    No Church in the Wild

    [quote name='commanderragnar' timestamp='1339341693' post='2980242'] Is this still going on >_> lol [/quote] Not really.
  15. Dr William Westcher

    A Public Service Announcement from The Last Remnants.

    Sir William Posted, and King William Posted, and Now Doctor William is posting.