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  1. Oh also, to reflect this pony invasion, talks are now underway to change GATO's name to CABALLITO! We'll be sure to keep Bob posted on the progress of this laudable initiative.
  2. An Official Announcement from the Everfree Union It is with some melancholy that I must announce that after 433 days of existence, it has become necessary for the Everfree Union to call it quits. We gave it a fine effort, but people's lives change, and sometimes it is no longer feasible to continue with the business of running an alliance and seeing to one another's mutual protection and benefit. In such a case, it is far better to disband than to continue existing as an empty, inactive mockery of what once was. Effective immediately, the Everfree Union will merge with our protec
  3. The unstoppable UE war machine strikes again. Oh and I guess I helped too. /)^3^(\
  4. Western Moe has more horsepower. But still, mindless hail. o/
  5. An Official Announcement from the Everfree Union Good evening, everyone! After nearly a year of trial and error, the Everfree Union has decided to restructure our government to better fit the needs of our members. As of tonight, EvU will be headed by a triumvirate consisting of: Legatus Equus, Neptunebyte, and Shave N Haircut. For any who are interested, our new charter can be found [url=http://s13.zetaboards.com/Everfree_Union/topic/6928634/1/#new]here[/url]. Be sure to check out the rest of our forums and drop by our IRC, #Everfree on Coldfront, as well! It has been a fun and eve
  6. EvU does not recognize hostilities with RIA as a whole. You have attacked us with no formal declaration of war and have been dealt with as such. Take the consequences of your roguery with some grace.
  7. Seriously, HoT's so intimidating for (talking about) nuking a low-tier nation who he can't even win ground attacks against. We should obviously all just surrender now against his superior might, guys. Traitor Party's cancelled, I'm afraid.
  8. I think he's just giving us his tech as a gift. Because you know it isn't a good traitor party until someone busts out the presents!
  9. I'm proud to announce that EvU will be hosting its semi-annual TRAITOR PARTY in the very near future. Look for your invitation in the mail and come ready for a memorable night of music, drink, and backstabbing!
  10. A Message from the Council of the Everfree Union A true true friend helps a friend in need, and we're tired of waiting to help our friends in GATO. We're honored to have a chance to square off against such skilled and honorable opponents, and I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield. Let's do this. The Everfree Union hereby declares war on R&R in defense of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization. Signed for EvU Legatus Equus, Consul Ignis, Minister of Financial Outreach Neptunebyte, Minister of Awesome chachonimrod, Wrangler of Smelly Foreigners Godot 17, Mini
  11. o/ Hooligans! Don't have too much fun now...
  12. o/ A good treaty for wonderful folks. Congratulations to our friends in GATO and NSF!
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