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  1. Salka Palmir

    A NATO - Doom Kingdom Announcement

    Excellent treaty between two great alliances.
  2. Salka Palmir

    ODN-Doom Kingdom oDoAp

    A fine treaty.
  3. Salka Palmir

    Final Doom Squad Announcement

    It was awesome while it lasted. Love you guys.   Also, love the whole plan of posting the truth on April 1 so that the 'April fools' are those who think this is a joke.
  4. Salka Palmir


      Except I already stopped visiting y'all in a fit of petulance.
  5. Salka Palmir

    A Joint STA and ODN Announcement

    That secret Article also seems odd...   Also, I'm pretty sure out secret last Article is always "PROFIT!" ... right?
  6. Salka Palmir

    A Joint STA and ODN Announcement

    Article I is always odd. Article II is even.
  7. Salka Palmir

    A Joint STA and ODN Announcement

    Wait ... Vodka and Orange? How did we manage to avoid any screwdriver references?
  8. Salka Palmir

    Announcement from the Last Remnants

    Hombre in the Trium is just the start of the reformation of the League of Shadows, right?
  9. Salka Palmir

    Don't Be Afraid

    Bureaucracy ... democracy ... whatever works.
  10. Salka Palmir

    When the Stars Align Against You

    Good luck NSF.
  11. Salka Palmir

    Making Friends in Unexpected Places

    So happy to see this all official. The Templar Knights are really great people.
  12. Salka Palmir

    Peace in Our Time!

      Thanks for that. You were a great opponent.   My TTK and NPL opponents were very cool too.
  13. Salka Palmir

    ODN/SLAP Protectorate

    Yay! SLAP's always worth protecting.
  14. Salka Palmir

    Saving our Submarine

    Greatness! Congratulations.
  15. Salka Palmir

    The International ...

    [quote name='Locke' timestamp='1314815571' post='2791702'] Do you happen to have the peacetime flag in PNG as well? [/quote] Of course. I didn't post that just because the jpg held up better than it did on the war flag. [IMG]http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f2/dr_mckinney/personal/stuff/int-resized-std.png[/IMG]