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  1. 2 hours ago, Thrash said:

    Why other world issues are having bearing in this world is beyond me. Either through out-right intentions or hidden ones.

    They're not otherworldly issues only.

    Directly they may have no bearing with NG, with your conflict, with this thread and with this forum, but they have bearing in this world. They shape it.


    Canik is formally connect, the issue should be discussed elsewhere. However similar issues have been downplayed or outright ignored too many times, when discussed where supposedly they should have, and here we are. At this point it's absurd to expect that people fill in the correct form and wait for a reaction. Talking of the issue if, when and where it surfaces is the only thing that makes sense, assuming that anything here makes sense anymore.

  2. 6 minutes ago, Stewie said:

    [...] Cuba [...] then realised that land raiding was a thing ...]

    It wasn't Cuba that first realized that, he wasn't even the second one.


    I wasn't asking about your tech, Stewie, it has always been clear to me that you're clean. It's about some of your long time friends that I am concerned.

    When one of the previous tech multies scandal came out another player I had in high consideration (Aza) came out and said that he had known/suspected and he had chosen to look the other way, for friendship. That post of his must still be on this board somewhere.

    My point is that a friend doesn't put you in a situation in which you have to look the other way, and at any rate one should not do it. Integrity is like love and life, you have it or not, there's no middle ground.

  3. 12 hours ago, Stewie said:

    [...] many of your leadership have been [busy] until recently..


    Since this is beyond the game I don't have to be neutral about it. CN is plagued and has long been plagued by this sort of stuff.

    Those heavily involved* into it should totally be ashamed for what they did and continue to do, which is a large, decisive part of what led countless players - some of which had developed much much better, interesting and entertaining characters than most, e.g. Shattenmann - and whole communities to lose interest into the game. This game has been killed by multiple factors, one of which is undoubtedly the rampant cheating that has almost always remained unaddressed... Which last thing leads to the necessary corollary, that the admin and the moderators haven't been doing - definitely not well enough, at least - what they had declared was their job, i.e. policing the game to try keep it as fair as possible. TBH I don't wish to complain too much about them, the admin gave us a free game and it's his to take care of, after all - it's his right to let it collapse and he is definitely entitled to spend his time on something else! - and the mods have always been unpaid volounteers which too often had to do with childish crap put forth by whiny, rude and toxic players.

    Talking of which, Stewie, my friend, I am afraid that, before complaining about others, you should think a bit about the people you and your friends supported for that many years in this game. On April 6th 2019 the top nation in this game, Jerel, lost almost 60k tech, that (evidently) had been received from multies. To provide some perspective, I'll have you notice that only a 55-ish nations currently have 60k total tech levels or more, i.e. of the over 600k nations simulated this far one out of maybe 7,000 or 9,000 (or more) ever had an overall tech level that matched what has been removed from Jerel only. Furthermore, Jerel probably received (much) more tech - and in unknown quantities - from multies, but the evidence collected by the mods didn't allow them to identify all of it.

    Since DBDC nations used to receive tech from the same tech farms, and did so for years, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Cuba, "unstoppable" (I'll let you figure out his in-game name) and others also received tens of thousands of tech levels from illegal sources. Then, let's take into account the tech raided from other nations thanks to that illegally hoarded firepower. Let's talk of the immense quantity of land raided as well. Let's talk of the huge money reserves also collected thanks to that land. Let's talk of the incessant and annoying harassment of other players - in and outside the game - for and about suggestions posted in the Suggestion box forum to try address the imbalance that had been introduced into the game by such cheating on top of flawed game mechanics.

    Was all of this visible and clear to the casual observer? Heck, yes! It's several years that I only pay some marginal attention to this remnant of a game and it has always been crystal clear to me. Obviously I didn't and I don't know the fine details, I hadn't hard evidence (it wasn't my job to collect it and I didn't have the means either), but the general picture is totally there and evident to be seen by anyone, which incidentally and as said above can also explain why people continued to leave in disgust.

    Back to you, Stewie, how have you been aligned, and where has your in-game friendship been, with regard to the DBDC and affiliates, all these years? Can you really point your finger to the NPO? These are honest questions, for all I know your answers may surprise some, and me too.


    In general, to you massive cheaters out there, I honestly and sincerely shake my head, you sad losers. You don't win anything by cheating in CN and you forever lose the opportunity to demonstrate, foremost to yourself, what you could have done and achieved by playing fair. Try work on your lack of self-confidence because your human prospects don't look good, otherwise.

    In your current state, all an honest person could do with you is to fart in your general direction.


    * And yes, players that lead the New Pacific Order, I'm totally talking of you too - you don't need to figure it out -  and calling you out. And I mean all of you in the Pacifican leadership all the way back to several years ago, since those at the top - even if not directly involved, and honestly I seriously doubt it, anyway - would have had to be beyond dumb not to realize what was and is going on under their nose.




    10 hours ago, Stewie said:

    Poor Arrnea

    Side issue but: what has Arrnea to do with anything, now?

  4. 2 hours ago, Comrade Trotsky said:

    What the hell happened to GPA, did someone finally attack them or have they fallen from their top spot due to the wears and tears of time?

    The GPA has been attacked twice (I think). As far as I can remember the top spot was already lost before said wars, anyway. The game was also already half dead.

  5. 2 hours ago, DeathAdder said:

    Back in the day, there were worthwhile individuals for NPO to interact with. Now? Not so much.

    Otherworldly personalities actually were and remained "worthwhile" - some of them at least - however the way they express themselves in this world deteriorated quickly and reached dumb state eons ago.

    I agree with you and definitely it wasn't Pacifica's fault. Anyway it's waaaay too late even to discuss it anymore. It's probably time to pack up and leave (I know that I should do it).


  6. 9 hours ago, Joseph Black said:



    That sucks about the wife, hope all is okay. And if they do actually give you the keys, make sure you wear your glasses, don't need you running over GPA by mistake.



    Joseph M. Black

    Thank you Dear Mr Black for your concern, honestly it's appreciated.

    We'd probably barely maybe notice anything anymore, though.


    @Johnny Apocalypse

    More seriously, I'd like to again thank you for TDT: one can like or dislike the content, or be neutral about it, but it's always entertaining and well written, a pleasure for the mind.

  7. 10 hours ago, General Kanabis said:

    I may have skipped the content but I was not attacking the poster.

    The reference, believe it or not, was a sort of compliment (Neutrals being like the Centaurs of our world; neither here nor there, but fiercely independent and highly intelligent).

    I have plenty of literary characters I can compare you with, here's another you might recognize:


    "You're a formidable riddler and I'll not match words with ye"



    Thanks for the compliment then. I imagine that Holden is much less a flattering one eh eh...


    I didn't read McCarthy (I worked out the reference through a web search) but I might do it, now that you made me curious about it.

    (This is increasingly looking like the Water Cooler, by the way.)


  8. 11 hours ago, General Kanabis said:


    @Martialis don't take the bait.

    It isn't worth the time.


    To paraphrase Hagrid in HP,


    "Never try an' get a straight answer out of a neutral. Ruddy stargazers. Not interested in anythin' closer'n the moon."

    Your insistence in ignoring the content and trying to attack the poster is disappointing, usually your posts aren't stupid like this.

    The Hagrid reference is also off, I always give straight answers.


    9 hours ago, Lucius Optimus said:

    I for one have always appreciated your input. :)

    Thank you. For what it's worth I also like your style. (GK's too TBH.)


    5 hours ago, HeroofTime55 said:

    We managed to take NPO's thread to a stunning 56 pages thanks in part to jerdge's hard work, so lets not write him off completely now.

    Well I don't know/remember what you're talking of but thanks, I suppose.

    Today I saw again 64digits's flag, maybe you remember that long ago I helped you in making an high resolution version of it (I basically found an identical font, etc). That's already two things that I did!

  9. 54 minutes ago, General Kanabis said:


    All he said was you talk alot for someone who is a neutral and that your assessments, though correct most of the time, are superfluous. 


    Wall of text not necessary imo

    AFAIK neutrals have always talked a lot, maybe just not in your sight. Neutrality is not taking sides, it's not indifference.

    My assessments are not meant to be of any specific use for anyone, you can use them or ignore them at will.

    I love my walls of text, even the ones you might consider unnecessary.


    25 minutes ago, Martialis said:

    Exactly, it was a critique of your immobility in trying to improve things, rather than pointing them out without taking action. 

    In a sense, I'm not even part of this world: I had left it and I came back only because I was asked to by friends in times of need. I stay mostly as a courtesy towards my trade partners. I have no reason to make any movement or to take any action.


    Incidentally, these superfluous and unnecessary posts of this irrelevant and immobile one really attracted a lot of attention! I have my opinion about this ostensible paradox but I'd like to first hear your one, if you feel like sharing it.

  10. 10 hours ago, Martialis said:

    @jerdge my humble opinion, you talk and complain a lot. In concrete terms, you have never done anything relevant, only long posts mostly correct, but nothing more. 

    I actually complain very very little, if at all.


    What I do or did is really not an interesting topic IMHO, but since you went there: I agree that I have not done anything relevant in the last years, anyone (that has any clue) would probably say the same; what I might have done in ancient times would probably be judged very differently, depending on whom you ask to... I'd say that some things have been very relevant for the people involved and knowledgeable about certain issues, but basically nothing I did has ever been a game changer, or anything like that.


    A more interesting issue is: why do you care, and how my relevance or irrelevance matters in weighing what I say? If the message is mostly correct, as you put it, how does it make any difference the personal history of the messenger, however you want to judge it?

    Even if you disagree with the message, why don't you address its content instead of criticizing the messenger? Why do you pick the uninteresting side of the issue - the irrelevant life of the messenger - as the topic of your post?

  11. 6 hours ago, Joseph Black said:



    The ride is only over when you get off the merry-go-round. We're petrified by nostalgia to be sure, but that's as simple as a change of perspective.



    Joseph M. Black


    Global affairs have been dead for literally years, and smaller scale developments have been suffocated whenever they even remotely threatened to influence the status quo.

    Note that I don't complain, I just call things as I see them.

    (Ultimately I simply don't care: CN had too many problems that went unaddressed, it's broken and definitely not worth any serious investment of my time.)


    What you refer to can anyway be valid for you, other individuals, other groups. I wish you all to enjoy your ride. While I maintain that it can only be insignificant in comparison with the rest of this realm, in another sense it's basically almost all that happens and, as such, the only stuff of significance left around.

  12. 7 hours ago, Johnny Apocalypse said:

    How about the Top 10 AAs declare neutrality and to be entirely self-reliant, the rest of us get to play without them turning up at the behest of the another one for the sake of overkill.


    Just do it already, there's so many bags of inert nothing at the top they may as well go the way of GPA at this stage. They have trillions in cash and the game has no rubber-band mechanic to allow those literally a decade behind in their nation building to catch up, they won't/can't participate because of game fatigue/rl commitments so why not just abdicate yourselves from any kind of actual game play if you can't actually play the game with the rest of the game.


    Start playing the game again and remember how once upon a time this was actually kinda fun.


    (you also just lost the game btw)

    My conspiracy to ideologically conquer this world has come to fruition, don't even just for a moment think that any of this happened by chance.

    Everything went according to my plans, The Neutral Menace simply won.

    evil chuckle


    Wait, this is an OOC forum. Back to serious mode.

    Your one is an excellent analysis, really. If I wanted to actually play again I'd totally let my nation slip into inactivity and I'd then start from scratch with a new one (for those wondering: yes, years ago I've been told by the Mods that it would be legal as long as there's only one active nation per player at any given time).

    Only, the game is broken and corrupt and, more importantly, it's not credible anymore. I stay only for my trade partners and to kill time, I have no incentives to try play again this stuff. I wouldn't have the time for it either.

    At least I'm not overkilling anyone and never I did it.


    But yes, as unlikely I deem it to be, I wish you to get what you're looking for, eventually. Good luck.

  13. 5 hours ago, Johnny Apocalypse said:

    Who's Steelrat?

    I don't know why I had got his name wrong, but I believe i had it corrected way before your reply.

    OOC: Maybe I knew some Steelrat somewhere (else?) on the Internet, I don't really know or remember (memory, age...)


    4 hours ago, Kapleo said:

     Got all happy talking talking !@#$ about @steeldor thinking he was gone and when they noticed he wasn't they started editing their posts, that's all.  So much for neutrality. lol

    I don't even know who you are but you're reading too much into that, it was just an honest mistake. When analysing Maelstrom's economy I had to retrieve his stats and IIRC Steeldor was already back, there at the top of the ranks, I already knew it by the time I posted.


    In the past I briefly dealt with Steeldor, who had been sent to the GPA as DBDC ambassador, he was nothing but pleasant and reasonable, I have nothing against him. Furthermore, this world (game) is dead, why should I be a dick about any kind of long past grievance I might have had?


    OOC: if I wanted to attack him I would have done it openly, you don't seem to know anything about me.


  14. 18 hours ago, Maelstrom Vortex said:

    Hadn't bought one in quite some time.. given the last remaining significant threat to me has sort of vanished from the face of the planet, I figured now'd be a good time to return to the moon. *nods*

    Just out of curiosity, why have you waited for Steeldor's leave? By now you should have tens of billions in the bank, the cost of the Moon Wonders shouldn't have left you bankrupt. Moreover, a war would/could last a few rounds at most: with the Moon Wonders' life being 450 or 600 days even a war with Steeldor wouldn't have made that much of a difference.

    Finally, such wonders don't make any economic sense for your nation, anyway. The Base costed you roughly 1.5 billions and, across its 600 days, it won't provide enough extra income and infra bill reductions to justify it, so why did you care at all about its purchase being (maybe) followed by war? If anything, the Colony could have made sense for the extra soldiers it would have allowed you to purchase, thus the prospect of possible war should have suggested to try have it in advance.

    Thanks in advance for your attention and in case you have the opportunity to clarify your thoughts about this issue.


    PS A really huge infra jump down the road might allow Dragonisia to break even or maybe net some real money, though.


  15. 1 hour ago, HeroofTime55 said:

    You see those big dips?  Those are big nations leaving because they're sick of it.

    And you aren't getting them back.  There's nobody left to absorb in mergers, there is nobody left to recruit, and nobody is going to want to leave their homes to join your embarrassment of an alliance.  The long term damage is in your membership count, not in us destroying eachother's 1000 infra levels over and over again.  It's every time you let me out to hit the people with 5000 infra and half a million dollars warchests, it's every time one of your big nations leaves, it's every time a surrender is scored because you leave your small guys high and dry while keeping your own aid slots full at all times.

    I'm obviously neutral about this conflict and I don't really know if HoT is right about what's happening to the FTW, however I want for once stress that he's right in abstract and general terms.

    In every single alliance war from the mists of time I've seen people brag about damage dealt in terms of NS, infra, tech, and their casualties. No, the one stat that is fundamental for any alliance is active members count.


    (Sorry for the interruption, please carry on.)

  16. 13 hours ago, Stewie said:



    This is not a bad flag. Personal preferences aside, the only significant issue that I can see is that some tiny detail could become indistinguishable at a distance. The rest is fine, the colours blend well and the wolf design is nice and original.

    IMHO it's better than the previous flag. Well done, FTW artist(s).

  17. 4 hours ago, Wilcroft said:

    (27,87) is the correct one - thanks Jerdge! (Note that's positive 87, not negative!)


    January 2020 URL segment: &lat=27&lon=87

    Thank you for having remedied my silly mistake, positive indeed. Thumbs up!

  18. On 12/31/2019 at 3:34 PM, Noctis Anarch Caelum said:


    All anyone needs to really know, although spoiler: Libertarians win in the end. lol

    Honestly, at first glance I thought that you were making a satire of Meth/their incarnations, then I realized that it was you yourself posting it. Whatever was your intent, well done and thanks!

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