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Public offerings of merger

Londo Mollari



We saw something today that I've never seen before on Planet Bob. A decently old (300 day) and well established (45k ANS) alliance of 17 members today announced what is in essence a bid for a public merger. Describing themselves as experienced in government and military service, and having a great deal to offer a prospective partner, NUF laid it all out in public and asked for individuals to post in their thread to express interest in merger. This is very interesting to me, as someone who has completed quite a few successful mergers, because this is the first time that a non noob/microalliance has gone and done something like this. As long as cultures/actives/values/egos can be successfully integrated together without diminishing either, mergers can in general be a very good thing due to their potential to increase the size, and over time, the quality of an alliance community.

One wonders how NUF's action will turn out, and if it turns out well, if others will emulate their example?



Recommended Comments

It's fine. People are way to quick to jump on anyone who breaks out of the old social "rules" on OWF. Why is it okay to ask as an individual nation for "bids" to join an alliance but not as a group of nations? People say they want more openness (as opposed to back room dealing) - well, here you go. Also, the standard answer is "you should go to allies..." Well, just because you're great friends doesn't mean you automatically would be great roommates. Same with alliances.

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