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Tell me why I should join your alliance

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Hello there, new player here. I would like for the recruiters here to tell me why I should join their alliance - and copy/paste messages I will ignore completely.

I'm skilled in administration, organization, political and legal matters - long history of this
Wikia administration and article creation
GIMP and Photoshop CS graphics
InvisionFree and SMF forum design
Basic HTML coding
Knowledge on tech deals, trades, IRC, and basic in-game war strategy

A little biography: I'm a leftist, obviously, and would preferably like an atmosphere that would cater to my preferences as one. I'm open minded, but strict monarchies are not something I'm interested in. I like to RP, and hope to soon join CN RP community.

[b]Nation[/b]: the Zapatistas
[b]Ruler[/b]: Subcomandante Marcos
[b]Link[/b]: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=408274

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Since I'm the Sovereign of a Monarchy, my alliance is probably not what you're looking for. :awesome:

However I would strongly suggest The International if you're looking for a leftist alliance. They're pretty good guys last I checked and you'd fit right in, I think.

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I don't know that I want to enter into a pissing contest to try to convince you that my alliance is worthy... but I could REALLY use someone with your qualifications.

I could describe for you how are gov is set up, but I'd rather you just read it from our Wiki page.


We have been having steady growth since our inception, and have developed a nice community atmosphere.

We really need someone with graphics skills, and I personally need some more players with gov experience as we have plenty of important gov positions available.

I'm looking for experienced players that are willing to share there knowledge with our younger players so that we can all rise together as an alliance and not simply a collection of nations each doing there own thing.

We are not quite 3 months old as an alliance, but our direction is based on the combined experience of myself and the other founders who have been active participants of CN for a long time.

I could definitely use you, and you'd be a definite asset to our alliance, but the choice is ultimately yours.

If you'd like to check us out, feel free to visit.


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well i would advocate my alliance since we arent an absolute monarchy and the members are friendly with other people's ideals..but sadly we dont have RP so not sure if you would care for us seeing as how that seems to be very important to you

but gotta say...if you have administrative/graphic/and wiki experience i doubt doubt that you'll have a lot of offers coming to your inbox lol

i'm sure that i could give you a list of recommendations if you want....just pm me either in-game or on these forums

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