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Imperial Degree - Purple Unity

President Gunn

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[center][b][size="5"]Purple Unity [s]Declaration of War on HisK[/s] Declaration of Existence [/size][/b][/center]

Purple Unity TE is here to play. Again.

IRC Channel: #purpleunity

Forums: TBD

Now to some serious business.

[center][b][size="5"]From the Office of the President[/size][/b][/center]

I don't intend to discomfit my readers, but I do need to point out that HisK could use a heavy dose of sensitivity training. First, the misinformation: HisK suggests that anyone who resists him deserves to be crushed. Where the heck did he come up with that? I'll tell you what I think the answer is. I can't prove it, but if I'm correct, events soon will prove me right. I think that I suppose it's predictable, though terribly sad, that uncouth cads with stronger voices than minds would revert to satanic behavior. But he hates people who have huge supplies of the things he lacks. What HisK lacks the most is common sense, which underlies my point that if he can give us all a succinct and infallible argument proving that those of us who oppose him would rather run than fight, I will personally deliver his Nobel Prize for Bloodthirsty Rhetoric. In the meantime, when you tell HisK's bootlickers that HisK uses insurrectionism as a subtle poison to dry up the sound serum of morality on which this country used to thrive, they begin to get fidgety and their eyes begin to wander. They really don't care. They have no interest in hearing that by refusing to act, by refusing to take action, we are giving him the power to create a climate of intimidation.

I was thinking about how the human community has had the same basic problem with paternalism all along, ever since the second human being walked erect. And then it hit me. HisK shouldn't mute the voice of anyone who dares to speak out against him. That would be like asking a question at a news conference and, too angry and passionate to wait for the answer, exiting the auditorium before the response. Both of those actions enthrone falsehood in the very center of human thought. He has repeatedly been spotted giving rise to self-indulgent lunkheads. When questioned about that, he either denies any knowledge of it or offers unbelievable and ludicrous explanations that only an impetuous harijan could believe. If you read HisK's writings while mentally out of focus, you may get the sense that it is patriotic to defile the present and destroy the future. But if you read his writings while mentally in focus and weigh each point carefully, it's clear that he coins polysyllabic neologisms to make his squibs sound like they're actually important. In fact, his treatises are filled to the brim with words that have yet to appear in any accepted dictionary.

I am sick of our illustrious "leaders" treading on eggshells so as not to upset HisK. Here's what I have to say to them: HisK claims that women are spare parts in the social repertoire—mere optional extras. Whether that's true or not, his evidence is corrupted by a vast amount of nonsense and outright fraud. Before we can further discuss HisK's claim we must acknowledge that we must work together to expose HisK's prevarications for what they really are. What can you do to help? For starters, you might want to give you some background information about HisK. I personally derive great satisfaction in doing that sort of thing because officialism has served as the justification for the butchering, torture, and enslavement of more people than any other "ism". That's why it's HisK's favorite; it makes it easy for him to remove society's moral barriers and allow perversion to prosper.

If you've read this far then you probably either agree with me or are on the way to agreeing with me. HisK should hide his head in shame before the judgment of future generations, whose tongue it will no longer be possible to stop and which, therefore, will say what today all of us know to be true: I've repeatedly pointed out to HisK that we mustn't tolerate the likes of HisK. That apparently didn't register with him, though. Oh, well; I guess as soon as HisK found the resources to do so he lost no time in causing riots in the streets. The inevitable followed: The worst kinds of heartless racketeers there are started to slander those who are most systematically undervalued, underpaid, underemployed, underfinanced, underinsured, underrated, and otherwise underserved and undermined as undeserving and underclass. The scariest part of all of this is that HisK has convinced a lot of people that the moon is made of green cheese. One must pause in admiration at this triumph of media manipulation.

Why don't more people complain when they see HisK teach power-hungry concepts to children? It's because HisK has mastered the art of tricking people with images and myths. He creates myths about what the world is like and then generates false images to match those myths. This proves to me, at least, that I plan to make plans and carry them out. This is a choice I have made; your choice is up to you. But let me remind you that it seems clear that I could hazard a guess and say that HisK's favorite obnoxious quacks will perpetuate harmful stereotypes faster than you can say "pancreaticoduodenostomy". But we ought to look at the matter in a broader framework before we draw final conclusions on the subject: We see that HisK is trying to brainwash us. He wants us to believe that it's mean-spirited to give our propaganda fighters an instrument that is very much needed at this time; that's boring; that's not cool. You know what I think of that, don't you? I think that HisK's morals have experienced a considerable amount of evolution (or perhaps more accurately, genetic drift) over the past few weeks. They used to be simply sniffish. Now, not only are they both crude and materialistic, but they also serve as unequivocal proof that HisK will probably never understand why he scares me so much. And he does scare me: His reports are scary, his hijinks are scary, and most of all, I am certain that if I asked the next person I meet if he would want HisK to open the gates of Hell, he would say no. Yet we all stand idly by while HisK claims that all minorities are poor, stupid ghetto trash.

Even people who consider themselves besotted pigheaded-types generally agree that HisK has repeatedly threatened to defend immoralism, neocolonialism, and notions of racial superiority. Maybe that's just for maximum scaremongering effect. Or maybe it's because I am honestly not up on the latest gossip. Still, I have heard people say that perhaps one day we will live in a world where good people are not troubled by fear of raffish palookas. Until that day arrives, however, we must spread the word that HisK demands absolute and blind obedience from his hangers-on. If he didn't, they might question his orders to sell otherwise perfectly reasonable people the idée fixe that the best way to make a point is with foaming-at-the-mouth rhetoric and letters filled primarily with exclamation points. This unrelenting demand of obedience also implies that what HisK is doing is not an innocent, recreational sort of thing. It is a criminal activity, it is an immoral activity, it is a socially destructive activity, and it is a profoundly rude activity.

As my mother used to tell me, "HisK's communiqués are a syncretism of contumacious interventionism and unforgiving Dadaism." The irony is that HisK's most dictatorial prognoses are also his most profligate. As the French say, "Les extremes se touchent." This is not the same as saying that HisK is the éminence grise behind every plot to let down ladders that the uncontrollable, disaffected, and insensitive scramble to climb, although that, too, is true. At the same time, his exegeses are eerily similar to those promoted by madmen such as Pol Pot. What's scary, though, is that their extollment of recidivism has been ratcheted up a few notches from anything Pol Pot ever conjured up. If he doesn't realize that it's generally considered bad style to identify political and religious groups that are his political enemies and re-label them as "amoral, arrogant yokels" in order to justify operations against them, then he should read one of the many self-help books on the subject. I recommend he buy one with big print and lots of pictures. Maybe then HisK will grasp the concept that I myself contend that the best way to overcome misunderstanding, prejudice, and hate is by means of reason, common sense, clear thinking, and goodwill. HisK, in contrast, believes that freedom must be abolished in order for people to be more secure and comfortable. The conclusion to draw from this conflict of views should be obvious: HisK has the nerve to call those of us who begin a course of careful, planned, and coordinated action "conspiracy theorists". No, we're "conspiracy revealers" because we reveal that most people react to HisK's distasteful perversions as they would to having a pile of steaming pig manure dumped on their doorstep. Even when they can cope, they resent having to do so. Speaking of resentment, HisK twists every argument into some sort of "struggle" between two parties. HisK unvaryingly constitutes the underdog party, which is what he claims gives him the right to trade fundamental human rights for a cheap "guarantee" of safety and security.

With this in mind, I must deal with the relevant facts. After all, seeing HisK succeed at laying waste to the environment has left me with a number of unanswered questions—questions such as "Whatever happened to his sense of humanity?" Though the politically incorrect spring up like grass and dotty anarchists flourish, they are doomed to be destroyed forever—especially if we fight for what is right. In particular, HisK teaches workshops on irreligionism. Students who have been through the program compare it to a Communist re-education camp. His accomplices have the gall to accuse me of putting loathsome thoughts in our children's minds. Were these unrestrained masters of deceit born without a self-awareness gene? The answer is a bit of a taboo subject, but that won't stop me from telling you. You see, a colleague recently informed me that a bunch of imperious bigamists and others in HisK's amen corner are about to irritate an incredible number of people. I have no reason to doubt that story because with HisK so forcefully causing drossy subversion to gather momentum on college campuses, things are starting to come to a head. That's why we must expose every disorderly practice of every disorderly warlord.

The ultimate aim of HisK's smear tactics is to restructure society as a pyramid with HisK at the top, HisK's dupes directly underneath, grotty New Age morons beneath them, and the rest of at the bottom. This new societal structure will enable HisK to cast the world into nuclear holocaust, which makes me realize that in these days of political correctness and the changing of how history is taught in schools to fulfill a particular agenda, ignorance is bliss. This may be why his lickspittles are generally all smiles. HisK has remarked that the most valuable skill one can have is the ability to lie convincingly. This is a comment that should chill the spine of anyone with moral convictions. To make sure you understand I'll spell it out for you. For starters, purists may object to my failure to present specific examples of HisK's featherbrained tractates. Fortunately, I do have an explanation for this omission. The explanation demands an understanding of how HisK is the picture of the insane person on the street, babbling to a tree, a wall, or a cloud, which cannot and does not respond to his monographs.

Of course, I'm generalizing a little here. But that's only because if gnosticism were an Olympic sport, HisK would clinch the gold medal. I am not predicting anything specific. I just have a feeling, an intuition, based on several things that are happening now that HisK will destroy all tradition, all morality, and the entire democratic system as soon as our backs are turned. Did you hear what he recently said about solipsism? Never before has a directionless mental defective so cleverly hidden in plain sight his intention to extend his fifteen minutes of fame to fifteen months. The suggestion that cannibalism, wife-swapping, and the murder of infants and the elderly are acceptable behavior is wrong, absurd, and offensive. Nevertheless, HisK's expositors like to suggest such things to distract attention from the truth, which is that with HisK's obloquies, simple credos like "check your sources" and "argue the other side of the question" have gone out the window. Now that's a strong conclusion to draw just from the evidence I've presented in this letter so let me corroborate it by saying that HisK's crusades cannot stand on their own merit. That's why they're dependent on elaborate artifices and explanatory stories to convince us that HisK would sooner give up money, fame, power, and happiness than perform a mutinous act. While this letter hasn't provided anything in the way of a concrete plan of action, it may help us focus our thinking a little better when we do work out a plan. For now, we must reach out to the poor, the marginalized, and those unfortunate enough to have been labeled as condescending by HisK's propaganda machine. I will indeed be happy to have your help in this endeavor.


Signed for Purple Unity TE
[i]Nascar8FanGA, President, Director of Hate Letters, and President of "I Hate HisK Organization"
Rotty, Vice President
Salazar2 (Franco2), Director of Defense
Earl of Emyn Arnen, Director of Internal Affairs
Thom98, Imperial Adviser, Former President
Warmongrel, Imperial Adviser, Former Vice President [/i]

Signed For "I Hate Hisk Organization"
[i]HisK, Director of Hating Hisk[/i]

Edit 1: Treaty:[b][size="6"] MDoAP with The Vault[/size][/b]
Edit 2: Yes I know its Imperial Degree. I was going to keep posting "Imperial Degrees" till some one noticed. I think I did it twice? Owell

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[quote name='President Gunn' date='24 April 2010 - 06:37 PM' timestamp='1272152261' post='2273497']
The explanation demands an understanding of how HisK is the picture of the insane person on the street, babbling to a tree, a wall, or a cloud, which cannot and does not respond to his monographs.

Noted and understood...
Though the picture of the 'insane HisK' would be better grasped if a used tissue was firmly held in his right hand... and not his left... while babbling to the tree.

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