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Spy Operations


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Rules about spy slot filling: Intra alliance spy operations are not permitted. This is deemed as spy slot filling and nations involved will receive an in-game warning. If nations are caught using spy operations on nations in an alliance they are allied to in the course of an inter alliance war they will receive an in-game warning for illegal spy slot filling. This is detailed in the Cyber Nations forums Game Rules Thread as well as line 15 of the site Terms and Conditions.

What is exactly "being allied to" (or even "belonging to"), with regards to ghosts?


Alliances A, B and C are at war with Alliance D and E.

A Nation of Alliance D temporarily changes its Alliance Affiliation to B and then conducts a spy operation against a Nation in A. Then they change their Alliance Affiliation to anything choosing among A, C, D, E or none (or even F, a not involved Alliance).

This is done to generate confusion and duck/delay retaliation, in case their spy operation is exposed.

Does that Nation get a warning for "spy slot filling"?

(Of course, more complex or simple scenarios can be imagined).

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I would assume this is like the war slot filling rule. If the nation is a legitimate ghost, then there is no problem. That is an assumption though.

This is correct.

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