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New Wellington


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"After several years of work, and billions of Credits in investment the re-designed and fully completed capital of Greater Pacifica is now complete. Today's ceremony held in the newly completed administrative district of Wellington marked the opening of the city and in the words of His Majesty King Ryn Atrevier 'a new era' for the nation. Beginning with the administrative district approximately 15-20% of the employees of the central government will be working out of the mammoth 'General Directory' or the central administrative offices housing the nation's five core ministries. (Roughly 2-3 Million) Located closely within the national mall itself is also the Royal Palace, the Archdukal Courthouse, and the new Grand House of Parliament. Together these structures represent the center of Paicifcan power, and the seat of the nation's government. The second offshoot of the city (organize around three spherical districts constructed in a triangular configuration), the financial district will be the work center of nearly seven million corporate employees, as it houses the Headquarters of every royally chartered corporation, as well as the majority of major free corporations. It also houses the headquarters of Pacifica's Central Bank, and Stock Exchange. Finally the third district Pacifica's new Academic center housing the prestigious Grand University of Wellington, the Royal Academy of Sciences, the Royal Library, and a series of other major research institutions. Also located in the Academic district is Pacifica's newly completed Research Hospital. Most of the staff being pulled from the top Hospitals and Medical research teams around the nation as well as training its own Doctors with a medical internship program, the new hospital is projected to be the top medical institutions in the nation and among a limited pool of similar elite world medical insinuations. The Hospital is scheduled to receive a large discretionary budget from parliament to which advanced treatments and research on disease can be conducted. The Hospital is expected to also offer its advanced medical services, treatments, and technical skills to patients, though admission as a patient is expected to be limited and each case will be screened by hospital administration before hand.

Uniting the city a newly built subterranean maglev system will be capable of placing the general population within walking distances of any given destination around the city. Moreover this new intra-city transportation system has been integrated and linked into the national hex-lev network. Above ground an extensive road system does exist for both pedestrian and motor vehicle use, though the use of personal vehicles is expected to be low given that only those with access to governmental or corporate motor pools will be about. With the rapid return of the evicted population the city is expected to house of population of approximately eleven million." - Greater Pacifican News Corp


Large nuclear secured bunkers exist under each of the three major districts capable of housing and protecting the upper - upper middle tiers of the national and corporate bureaucracies the parliament, the King/High Magistrate and his administration, the Royal Marines, and most if not all of the military/police forces stationed in the city. These are connected by a network of tunnels. Moreover previously existing tunnels remain in place and can be utilized as general bomb shelters for the rest of the population. Primary electrical service is provided by the SPS array and rec-antenna fields located outside of Nelson though back up nuclear fission systems remain in place.

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[quote name='Fizzydog' date='02 February 2010 - 09:31 PM' timestamp='1265146305' post='2153870']
"NTR congratulates you on finishing your hard-worked project."

-NTR securitry of global events, Mishiro Hankera.

We thank the NTR for their complements and kind words.

[quote name='JEDCJT' date='03 February 2010 - 01:48 AM' timestamp='1265161686' post='2154299']
OOC: At first, I thought you were reestablishing Imperial Wellington... :P


"We watch this with interest."

OOC: Lol god no Jed. :P IW was definitely an interesting RP, but not my cup of tea.

IC: We are glad to see that this project has generated international interest in the FSA. We too have similar interest, and appreciation for the architectural technique of your own capital cities.

[quote name='Jordosaur94' date='03 February 2010 - 02:06 AM' timestamp='1265162806' post='2154312']
The Reich watches this with great interest, and hereby wish Pacifica good luck and hope that all goes as planned.

We thank the Reich for its interest, as well as for their well wishes. :)

[quote name='iKrolm' date='03 February 2010 - 02:19 AM' timestamp='1265163557' post='2154325']
OOC: How would Greater Pacifica like to join the Pax Pacifica? :P

IC: Selenarctos sends it's congratulations, and wonders if the same companies would be interested in installing a similar maglev subway in Manila?

OOC I may be interested, its definitely a part of New Zealand's the Pacific's legacy and it would be nice to be a part of that. Link to the treaty, i'll take a look? Note: I should probably hold off on joining until after this thing with tahoe is resolved.

IC: We thank Selenarctos for its kind words. As for the matter of the maglev system; I am certain that a deal could be worked out, and that the construction conglomerate responsible for the build would be interested in the contract.

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[quote name='Subtleknifewielder' date='03 February 2010 - 04:24 AM' timestamp='1265171082' post='2154535']
"Congratulations to our ally are in order. it is not every day that an accomplishment of this magnitude is acheived."

~Anthony Harlem, Grand Duke, Queendom of Australia

We give our thanks to the Grand Duke of Australia, and sincerely wish him and Her Majesty the Queen continued success and happiness.

[quote name='Comrade' date='03 February 2010 - 04:30 AM' timestamp='1265171421' post='2154565']
Molakia nearly had a collective Heart Attack at the thought of Imperial Wellington/Glorious....Something or other returning to the world.

Heh, not sure why... we have been getting that a lot lately. :v:

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