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Imperial Announcements

Elrich von Richt

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Official Announcement of Dai Nippon Teikoku (Greater Japanese Empire)


Sealed, and approved by the Empress of Japan, Haruhi Suzumiya

Osaka Doctrine

This doctrine is the defining document that dictates extreme measures in war, evacuation policy, and the fate of the Empire should tragedy befall it or should the nation itself collapse into anarchy. The principles herein were laid down in framework by the Imperial Diet, and approved by Empress Haruhi Suzumiya in accordance with her divine will. Should a situation arise in which this doctrine no longer maintains favorable support and becomes unsatisfactory among the population and government, it shall be canceled and ruled out accordingly.

On Evacuation:

- Due to the past tragedies that have befallen our nation and the Home Islands in particular, evacuation shelters are to be built in safe designated areas across the nation with revealed locations only known to government personnel and only stated to civilians in time of emergency by which use of the shelters is necessary. The purpose of these shelters is primarily for access during peacetime in which a national disaster or other incident has occurred.

- Due to past nuclear incidents that have befallen our nation and the Home Islands in particular, additional fallout shelters and civilian bunkers are also to be built for usage in times of war in which a nuclear detonation is expected, or heavy damage by bombing is expected. Location of these places will only be known to high priority government personnel, and shall be revealed to civilians when the time for usage is necessary.

On Nuclear Weapons:

- The Empire strictly condemns the usage of nuclear weapons as a primary strike weapon, and as such will not maintain a 'first strike' policy.

- However, we understand the necessity of these devastating weapons in extreme cases, and will only use them in retaliation of nuclear weapons that strike our homeland.

On Anarchy, Protection, and Traitors:

- Should a state of total anarchy and chaos befall the Empire to a point where the government can no longer sustain control, and all other peaceable methods are exhausted, control of Imperial Territory is hereby to be transferred to the appropriate parties in order to ensure they remain integral and do not remain in anarchy for a extended period of time.

- Authorization to hand over Imperial Territory to these foreign nations for safekeeping, peacekeeping, or keeping protection over is only to be authorized by the Chancellor and Empress, with no express Diet approval required.

- Should these provisions occur, the territory that has historically been Japanese (Karafuto, Nanpo Islands, Ryukyu Islands, Chishima Islands, Marcus Island, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Honshu, Shikoku) will be given to the Australian Queendom due to the past relation of these territories and our friendly diplomatic stance towards the nation in particular. This territory will be safeguarded until a suitable government comes to power, or the old government can re-assume it's authority.

- Should these provisions occur, the territory that has not been historically Japanese (Kharabarovsk, Primorski, Antarctic Territory) will be given to the Queendom of Zargathia due to our close friendship and the regional proximity of said territories to Zargathia. They will be directly annexed in order to ensure continued stability and safekeeping.

- Should any civilian be suspected of attempts to overthrow the government and cause anarchy and emergency provisions to go into action unnecessarily, they will be heavily investigated by the Imperial Government. If suspicion is found to be true, they are to be sentenced to death, and declared a traitor to the Empire.

Signed on this day, and witnessed by the kami,

Empress Haruhi Suzumiya

Chancellor Jun Fukuyama

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ono Daisuke

The Imperial Diet

Other Announcements:

- NHK (日本放送協会, Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai, Japanese Broadcasting Corporation) will hereby function as the official government-sponsored public broadcasting channel of the Greater Japanese Empire.

- Plans for a cultural festival, including musical acts (NIPPONfest) is currently underway. Bands from foreign countries will be possibly allowed to play on a side stage, and foreigners (civilians, diplomats, leaders) will be allowed to attend the festival free of charge and be administered special visas in order to meet these provisions.

- With the Reformist Party's victory in the Imperial Diet election, a more liberal approach in the policies of the Empire will be undertaken. The primary strategy/goal as of now is to achieve a more world-friendly stance and adopt better diplomatic relations with nations outside just Asia and Oceania. Treaties, however, will be sustained for the time being (outside the aforementioned two continents).

- In the recent past (the following week), Taiga Suzumiya, daughter of the Empress and heir to the Imperial Throne was officially coronated.

Edited by Elrich von Richt
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Zargathia considers the Osaka Doctrine a continuation of the former Toyahara Doctrine, and will respect the wishes of the Dai Nippon Teikoku in the unlikely event that our ally should descend into anarchy.

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"We are frankly alarmed that an Australian Nation is gaining so much entry to Mainland Asia. Otherwise we shall recognize this doctrine."

"Unless the People's Republic believes the collapse of the Empire is imminent, China has no cause for concern."

~Anthony Harlem, Grand Duke

OOC: Um, Elrich...

The Empire strictly condones the usage of nuclear weapons

I think you mean "condemns." tongue.gif

Edited by Subtleknifewielder
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"We are frankly alarmed that an Australian Nation is gaining so much entry to Mainland Asia. Otherwise we shall recognize this doctrine."

The reasoning behind such a thing ever possibly occuring is quite reasonable, if you consider the history of the Home Islands. Should our nation collapse, it would only be a measure to ensure a stable government controls it until another true Japanese nation could emerge.

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