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On the search for a new alliance

Pu ali

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DOOM is looking for quality members of any NS or age.

We believe in letting nations earn extra money, rather than simply giving it away. Everyone has the pride of being productive & no one is a charity case. All members are allowed to take any government positions as long as they show that they can be trusted with that position.

We are an elite alliance with almost 3 years in CN. We pride ourselves on strength & quality, instead of just quantity. See our Alliance Rankings in the game to see how strong we build. We also don't poke our noses in all the CN politics, so we don't get dragged into a lot of foolish wars. But DOOM has always defended its turf & treaties with strength & ferocity. DOOM nations know their brothers are there to protect them at all times. So do our allies & our enemies. DOOM lives up to its name.

Brief DOOM's info: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=74577

DOOM forum: http://www.castledoom.com/CN

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