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Mass Government Elections



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The time has come for an election. President Archer has stated in the original constitution that one party should rule the nation for a set amount of time. The time has come now for an election that will take control of the government. We should be thankful that our government changes are this peaceful, looking around at all the other nations.

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The surge of international support for the Spanish Reformists has jumped their campaign to a whole new level. In the national polls, the Reformists took a strong majority, even though an equal percentage of world nations supported the Communists and the Monarchists.

On voting day, the Reformists swept the majority and won the election. The Spanish Reformist candidate for the Presidency will soon make his speech.

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I would like to thank all the Spanish People for voting for me and letting me lead them forward from our former leader. This will be a great turn of events for the Spanish people, as my first move in office we will rename our country to reflect our heritage. The new name of The Republic of Vestfjara will be The Republic of Spain. Our currency will be changed to reflect the image of our founding fathers, along with a engraving of our former President, Eli Archer.

As your new President, I Alejandro Franco Reynaldo, accept the vote of the people as your new President. I will do my best for this country and will bring it to be known world wide.

Thank you,


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