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Majlis al-Shura Elections

Voodoo Nova

Majlis al-Shura Election  

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OOC: You are citizens of Novak commenting on the party/ies you're for/against. Vote based off of the Political Parties Section of my factbook. I will try to use this in future RP's, so it all won't go to waste. :D


For the first time ever, Novak's Majlis al-Shura elections for representatives have coincided with each other. In this unprecedented event, we have seen hundreds of candidates campaigning under their party's banner, from the Pan-Arab's to the Communists, everyone is out there. The anarchists are not running for any representative position, but instead have chosen to protest the elections and government. One slogan from the African Anarchist Party says "Rise up for the down fall" in reference to the mostly Arab government of Novak. Elections are suspected to end within 24 hours

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OOC: That was going to be one of the parties, but I forgot what the ideology was about. :P

OOC: Could've asked me. Very basically, it's a mixture of:

good, old-fashioned communism,

meritocratic values

'pure' democracy (means each man in the government gets his own vote, no parties)


a bit capitalism to make money

also technology and stuff. It's not a real communism and evolved into weird stuff, but I keep calling it rational communism. :V

If you read my old Canuck newsthread and perhaps the discussion one of my leaders had with Pons here, you understand it better.

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Election Results Are In

The election yesterday has yielded a surprising result. The highly anticipated majority party, the Novakian Social Democratic Party, has only 16 seats in the Majlis al-Shura. This comes as a shock to both the President of the National Assembly and the now former Prime Minister, Usama Bahij. The Pan-Arab Party, whose extreme views usually do not appeal to the average voter has yielded 21 seats in the Majlis al-Shura. The Islamic Party, whose leader is the son of the late Khaled Al-Asad, has yielded 0 seats. This comes as a reminder that the people are still disgusted with the party that took control and subsequently tore down the democratic principles of the nation. The Democratic Christian Party has 5 seats, as well as the Novakian Moderate Party & Community Party. Both the Authoritarian Nationalist Party and Environmentalist Party of Novak have 10 seats in the Majlis al-Shura. The Feminist Party, one whose views do not attract the male voter, has a surprising 31 seats in the Majlis al-Shura. Never in Novak's history, or the Africa/Middle East's history, has such a party received such a large influence in a legislative body. The party that has yielded the most seats, and therefore elects the Prime Minister of Novak, is the Communist Party of Novak at 47 seats. The announcement of the new Prime Minister and his first address to the nation should be later tonight.

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FFF Found to have tampered with ballots

Feminist for Freedom, a group that aids in rural voting turn-out, was found to have tampered with ballots and in the process violated non-partisan agreements and election anti-fraud laws. It was found that 13% of the ballots were fraudulent, changing votes from the Communist Party to the Feminist Party. This results in 20 seats going to the rightful winners of said vote. The Feminist for Freedom organization is now under investigation, as well as the Feminist Party of Novak. If found guilty, the Party could lose it's status as a Political Party and may be classified as a terrorist group.

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