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4th Papal Election



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The info for the new candidate:

Name: Archbishop James Cardinal Neidhart

Nation: Minilal Island

Age: 56

Current Position: Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Richmond, Minilla Island. Chair of the Minilla Island Council of Bishops.

Krieg wars: No opinion has been developed at this time.

Schism: As for this, those that wish for a schism are not Catholics but Protestants. Those that deny Papal authority, as commanded by the Lord thy God through St. Peter, shall have no shelter in the true Church of God. As far as I am concerned, Bishop Wood excommunicated himself.

Only the Holy Father can declare a return of the Holy Roman Empire. Nobody else.

Voting procedures are the same.

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"It's a real Pity the authority had only been given to the Apostles, not to a pope.. otherwise the argument for St. Peter's keys; taken so grossly out of context, would be leading few people to follow false idols of their own election and ultimately their damnation. The Church is not a Democracy, it is a Monarchy.. and there is only one God and only he, not the people or their appointed ambassadors.. define what is good. The best Pope that could be elected would be one that got the Church back to Doctrine.. and disbanded the entire structure back to a decentralized communal level as Christ would have it.. not a religio-political hybrid abomination that will perpetually fail at creating Heaven upon the Earth by giving to few men to much 'power'. The Catholic Church is the denomination. The true Church of Christ bears his name and they are called Christians, not Catholic or any other man given title for their faith but one that was died for by God himself."

Maelstrom Vortex,

Triumvirate Executor of the Dragon Empire

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Sokolov - "I'd have to disagree with the Dragonisian Executor. The goal of the Pope should not be to become worshiped, even though he would be the one elected to lead the Church that does not mean he is to be seen as God's representative on Earth. In written communication, the Pope refers to himself as episcopus servus servorum Dei, which translates to 'Bishop, Servant of the Servants of God.' So you see, the Pope is a servant of the Holy Triune like any Catholic is, the only difference is that he is to give guidance to the Church by issuing Papal bulls on important matters concerning the Faith. Any organization requires leadership in order to remain whole and unfractured, surely you as Chairman elect of the Dragon Empire would understand this."

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DiNardo: "It's such a shame that the respected Executor doesn't understand the Church and Apostolic Succession. Christ gave Peter, Prince of the Apostles, the authority to lead the Church in the worship of God, shwing the need for a centralized body to help guide Christians to Heaven. Obviously, with over a billion Catholics in the world today, the Church can't survive with decentralization, and from the time of Peter to the present, the Holy Spirit has chosen men to succeed Peter as the chief servant of God."

Nguyen: "The esteemed Triumviror has been mislead into seeing falsely towards the Church. Christ gave the Rock the permission to act as a Spiritual guide for others to reach God who lies in their hearts. True, God and only God may define what is good, but it is the duty of the Pope and the College of Cardinals to interpret His message and send it out to the people. Now, I have to disagree with Sokolov when he seays that the Pope is not the representative of God; in fact, the Pope is the Vicar of Christ. However, the duty of a representative of God is to spread the Word of God and to interpret His messages, but this representative never makes any decisions. God makes them all.

"The Pope is not an idol, for he worships someone else and no one else worships him. He is simply respected as the Holiest man on Earth who is fit to lead the Church. But Mr. Vortex, you are correct when you say that the Church is a monarchy. The purpose of this election is not for the Cardinals to try to get who they want in this respected office but to determine who the Holy Spirit has selected to succeed Peter by the Cardinals choosing who they believe has been called. However Mr. Vortex, you are also incorrect when you say that we need decentralization. You yourself would know that if your country would be decentralized, things would not run. The Church is like a country in that all Catholics are spiritually united in Christ."

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Update from the Vatican: "Unless one of them take first or second place, DiNardo, Letourneau, and Neidhart will be dropped from the ballot in the next election, leaving only Nguyen and Sokolov. Only a simple majority will be required."

OOC: It seems that some people who voted for DiNardo and Letourneau last time voted for Neidhart this time.

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OOC: Agreed, given the last couple of poll results Letourneau came pretty close.

Also Minilla, might want to also answer the debate questions in this post and this one, as well as Mael's question above. All the other candidates did, and it would give them an unfair advantage over Neidhart otherwise...

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OOC: Crap. I was just about to close it, but then someone voted for Neidhart, and now Nguyen and Neidhart are in a tie. I'll just vote for Nguyen since I nulled my vote.

IC The ballot has ended. Once again, no one has been elected. Only Nguyen and Sokolov will be eligible for the final round.

Edited by KingChris
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