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Coalition of Royal Allied Powers

Chuck Normis

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Coalition of Royal Allied Powers is a Maroon Team alliance that is constantly gaining strength and popularity. We help all of our members militarily and with trades (if they need it). We have tips to help your nation thrive from one of the best CyberNation guides out there! We take every suggestion are members make into consideration and try to accommodate the needs of everyone. We are dedicated to the complete protection of our members and allies, and we will help you any way possible if you join. We have some of the smartest and most loyal members out there, and we also have the friendship and respect of very large network of alliances that will come to our aid if requested. Any nation Can join no matter what team they are in or even if they are a peaceful nation!

This is our Charter:



It is on this day (which ever day that is) that I (who the hell uses “I” in a official document?) can officially, and proudly announce the creation of the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers. The CRAP Alliance is a Maroon Team alliance that hopes to work with other maroon alliances to become a powerful force on Planet Bob.

Article I – Coming n' Going

I – Upon submission of an application for admittance into CRAP, all applicants and members are bound by this Charter. Violations of this Charter may lead to disciplinary actions.

II – All applying members must post an application to join, agree to the following oath, and complete our Validation Process.

I, [rulername], Agree to follow the charter, and will aim to help in the growth of CRAP, so that In return I may become a stronger nation. I hereby swear my loyalty to this alliance, and will not attempt to do anything to harm Coalition of Royal Allied Powers.

III – When joining, all nations are encouraged to join the Maroon Team/Trading Sphere in order to help make a better unified alliance. Aid packages may be given to help nations through this transitional period.

IV – Upon fifteen (15) days of being part of CRAP, any nation is eligible to sign up for the New Members aid package consisting of $3,000,000.

V – Members leaving CRAP must have first cleared all debts to the alliance; this includes both aid and individual loans made between members of the alliance. If a nation leaves without paying back all debts, they will be treated like a nation that has stolen from the alliance and the debt they owe will be forcefully taken from them.

VI – It is preferred that nations leaving CRAP must first message a Triumvir before posting an official resignation on our forum.

VII – The Triumvirate is the only part of the alliance with the authority to kick (ban) somebody out of the alliance. In order to kick (ban) anyone out of CRAP, it must first be agreed on by all three Triumvirs, and the member must be made known the reason of his being kicked out. If the member feels this decision is unjust, (s)he may request a trial to plead their case.

Article II – Rights of Members

I – Each member has the right to speak freely, provided that they are not attempting to cause any slander, or any form of overthrowing of government.

II – Each member has the right to tech raid inactive and unaligned nations with the consent/approval from a Triumvir or the MoWD.

III – Each member has the right to leave at any time, providing they have paid back their debts to the alliance.

VI – Each member has the right to ask for a trial in order to explain their actions in violating the charter and/or appeal bans or military action against them.

VII – Members have the right to remove the current Chancellor if the members feel the Chancellor is misrepresenting them or not doing their duties properly.

Article III – Government

Hierarchy (Highest to Lowest)




–Deputy Minister

–Battalion Officer

–Advanced Member

–Base Member

–Validating/Applying Members

Triumvirate – The Triumvirate of CRAP is in charge of running the alliance. The Triumvirate consists of three members who will equally share power throughout the alliance. These three members are required to make sure everything runs smoothly within all the ministries. The Triumvirate is the only group allowed to declare war on other alliances, and the collective body also ratifies all Treaties, appointees and removals etc. The Triumvirate is not an elected branch of government. All Triumvirate members are appointed by either the founder, or the two active Triumvirs.

Ministries – The CRAP Alliance consists of five (5) Ministries. The Minister of these groups will be decided in agreement by the Triumvirate. The Ministers serve as advisers to the Triumvirate. Each Ministry aims to focus on individual aspects of the alliance, and the Minister of each may chose to run/organize everything in their Ministry as they please, so long as it abides by the Charter.

a ) Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoIA) – Lead by the Minister of Internal Affairs, the MoIA department works on internal organization, internal investigation, and communicating important alliance information to the CRAP Membership. The MoIA holds the duty of holding votes/elections for Battalion Leaders and the removal and electing of the Chancellor position.

b ) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) – Lead by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the MoFA department works on establishing relations between CRAP and other alliances. The MoFA is responsible for creating treaties, and establishing embassies in other alliances and making sure all embassies are kept active.

c ) Ministry of War and Defense (MoWD) – Lead by the Minister of War/Defense, the MoWD department focuses on organizing battle plans, squads, and defense schemes etc. The MoWD is responsible for commanding us in times of war, as well as leading the fight against rogues and asshatery!

d ) Ministry of Finances (MoF) – Lead by the Minister of Finance, the MoF department works on keeping records on all loans and aid given. The Ministry of Finances also works to create Inner Alliance Tech Deals (IATDs) and aid chains, or anything else used to benefit the alliance, and to make the overall strength of the alliance grow.

e ) Ministry of Recruitment (MoR) – Lead by the Minister of Recruitment, the MoR department works to increase the member count of the alliance through organized plans of accumulating members. They must also help keep current members active (if at all possible).

Chancellor – The Chancellor of CRAP is a member that represents the “voice of the people.” The Chancellor’s duty is to hear all problems and/or suggestions that our members feel needs to be fixed or addressed. Upon receiving a viable suggestion, the Chancellor will send it to the appropriate government (Triumvirate or Ministers) member for its consideration. The Chancellor is also responsible for representing the entire membership of CRAP in Government decisions. The Chancellor is an elected branch of government. If (s)he fails to perform their duties, the members have the right to remove and vote in a new Chancellor.

Deputy Ministers – There is only one deputy minister per ministry (with the exception of the MoFA. The MoFA may have one Deputy Minister per color sphere). Deputy Ministers are chosen by the Triumvirate with the permission of the Minister of which the Deputy Minister is pertaining to. They will become the successor of the Minister, actively replacing the minister if in the event he/she should ever resign or become suddenly unavailable.

Battalion Officers – The Battalion Officers are elected by the Members of CRAP every few months. However, it is the MoWD that decides when it is appropriate to have Battalion Officers in each and all Battalions. The elections are to be held and organized by the MoIA or MoWD if the MoIA is absent. Each Battalion Officer is elected by the members in their Battalion. One my only run for the Battalion Officer of the Battalion they are currently in. If the current Battalion Officer moves up or down to a different Battalion (Nation Strength wise), (s)he will finish their current term. The job of the Battalion Officer it to keep everyone in their Battalion organized rather we are at war or at peace. In the event that there are no Battalion Leaders in one or all Battalions (or in case of an emergency) Battalion Leaders may be appointed by the MoWD. If a Battalion Leader fails to do their duties, then the MoWD may remove the Battalion Leader and appoint another in its place. The Battalion Leaders report to the MoWD.

Article IV – Members

I – Advanced Members – Advanced members are for members who have served a month (30 days) with CRAP, or have been agreed to be prematurely promoted by the Triumvirate. Advanced members are allowed to work in any ministry pending approval by the Triumvirate, Minister or Deputy Minister. Advanced members can also view parts of the forums that the Base Members can not.

II – Base Members – Base members are all members that are in their first month with the alliance, or are not active on the forums. Base membership has most of the forum access, but can not view sensitive information, such as embassies. Base members can apply for Advanced Membership after 30 days of membership, assuming they are an active member. Base members are allowed to take on any job within the CRAP Alliance, with the exception of Minister, or Diplomat to sanctioned alliances unless granted special permission by the Triumvirate.

III – Applying/Validating Members – Applying/Validating Members are those who are going through the necessary process of becoming an official member of CRAP. As an Applying/Validating Member, their actions do not represent the alliance’s as a whole, but they are under the protection of CRAP from rouge behavior against them. All Applying/Validating Members are expected to follow the charter, and appropriate actions will be taken if any violation is committed.

Article V – Government Absence/Resignation

I – In the event that any or all Triumvirs are unavailable, the MoFA, MoIA, and MoWD will take their place on a temporary bases. If those Ministers are not available, MoR, MoF, and Chancellor will take their place temporarily. If none of the Ministers are available, someone will be appointed to take their place temporarily.

II – In the event that a Triumvir resigns or is removed from their position, The remaining Triumvirs will appoint someone to fill the spot(s) permanently.

III – In the event that a Minister becomes unavailable, the Deputy Minister of that Ministry will replace them on a temporary bases. If there is no Deputy Minister to replace them, then a member of the alliance may be appointed to temporarily fill their position.

IV – In the event that a Minister resigns or is removed from their position, the Deputy Minister of that Ministry will replace them permanently. If there is no Deputy Minister to replace them, then someone in the alliance will be appointed to take their position permanently.

VII – In the event that the Chancellor is unavailable, someone in the alliance will be appointed to replace them temporarily. If the Chancellor resigns or is removed from their position, a temporary Chancellor will be appointed until the members elect a new one

VIII – In the event that a Deputy Minister is unavailable and his position is desperately needed by the Ministry, a temporary Deputy Minister will be appointed. If the Deputy Minister resigns or is removed from their position, someone will be appointed to take their place permanently.

VIIII – In the event that a Battalion Leader becomes unavailable, and his position is desperately needed by the MoWD, the MoIA or MoWD can appoint a temporary Battalion Leader. If it is deemed that the Battalion Leader is not fulfilling their duties, the MoWD may appoint someone to replace them permanently until the next election.

Article VI – Military Action

I – War can only be declared the following ways:

a) With the approval of all three Triumvirs.

B) With the approval of two Triumvirs, all Ministers and Chancellor (keeping in mind that the Chancellor represents the members as a whole).

II – Unaligned rogue nations found spying on CRAP will be ZIed without trial.

III – Aligned nations found spying on CRAP will be handled through diplomacy, by the Triumvirate, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, or the Minister of War/Defense.

IV – Unaligned rogue nations found attacking CRAP members will be ZI'd unless reparations are paid.

V – Aligned nations found attacking CRAP members will be handled through diplomacy, by the Triumvirate, MoWD, or the MoFA.

VI – All Offensive Military Action (Declaration of War or the use of Spy Operations) is PROHIBITED unless permission is granted by any member of the Triumvirate or the MoWD.

VII – All CRAP Nations have the right to tech raid unaligned nations with 7 or more days of inactivity, with the permission of a Triumvirate or the MoWD. But if counter attacked by that specific nation they must deal with it on their own. In under the circumstance that the target refuses to accept peace and continues to attack, financial or military aid can be provided.

VIII – If in the event that an unaligned tech raided nation gets other nations to attack our tech raider, it will be considered an act of provoked war. If those nations are aligned, the MoFA, Triumvir, MoWD, or selected speaker will negotiate with the other alliance leaders to come to a peaceful resolution. If they are not aligned, they will be pronounced rogue nations, and attacked.

IX – All Applying/Validating members are protected by the alliance from all rouge actions against them. In the event they are attacked or spied on it will be treated as if a member of CRAP was attacked or spied on, and appropriate action will be taken.

X – All Members of CRAP are not allowed to attack (Declaring War, or the use of Spy Operations), threaten, or harm aligned nations, we do not permit rogue actions. If a member is found conducting any of these actions, disciplinary action will be taken against them.

XI – Any nation found to be ghosting the CRAP’s Alliance Affiliation will be warned 48 hours in advance to remove their AA or take the appropriate steps to apply for membership.. If the AA is not removed or the appropriate action taken after 48 hours the offender will be ZIed.

XII – CRAP has a No Nuclear First Strike Policy in war, the only time Nuclear First strikes will be permitted is with Triumvirate, Chancellor, or MoWD approval. If any member is attacked by a nuclear weapon, then they are allowed to make a counter nuclear strike.

Article VII – Judicial System.

I – All members have the right to ask for a trial in order to explain their actions in violating the charter and/or appeal bans or military action against them. This must be done within the first 24 hours of the actions taken against them. Once a trial is asked for in the first 24 hours, the trial may last as long as it is seen fit.

II – Nonmembers (anyone who has not applied for membership) do not have the right to a trial.

III – Offenses –

a ) Minor offense, or Misdemeanor, will be the verdict if someone has done something wrong, but nothing too serious. Possible penalties include: a Suspension/Probation, Fine, or Expulsion from the alliance and her signatories. Possible Expulsion will be given for 3 Misdemeanor Offenses.

b ) Major offense, or Felony, will be the verdict if someone has done something very bad to the alliance. Possible penalties include: a Large Fine, Long Suspension/Probation, Expulsion, ZI’ment , Permanent ZI’ment and or Sanctioning. Possible Expulsion may given for 1 Felony.

c ) Treason, which is the highest offense possible, will be given to any member who is found guilty of intentionally harming us, or directly violating our charter or the agreement made upon entering. Penalties include being added to the Permanent ZI List and Sanctioning.

IV – Assuming the member has asked for and received their trial, a vote between the Triumvirate and the Ministers will take place in order to come a conclusion about the members actions and the punishment for it. Punishment can be lessoned or eliminated, but cannot be increased.

Article VIII – Miscellaneous

I – Merges between CRAP and another alliance will only be passed with approval from 5/5 Ministries, 3/3 Triumvirate members, the Chancellor (keeping in mind that the Chancellor represents the members as a whole).

II – Members of CRAP may not be part of any other alliance while being part of CRAP.

III – All members are permitted to follow all posting guidelines set up by the CyberNations forum when using CRAP’s forum, this rule applies in any CyberNations RP related post.

IV – Triumvirate members can be removed of their position through the following process: First they must be put submitted for removal by the other two Triumvirs, and then must be approved by all Ministries and the Chancellor (keeping in mind that the Chancellor represents the members as a whole). After that, they lose their Triumvirate position, and become a base member. They will then be treated as a regular alliance member in any further punishment.

V – Amendments can be suggested by any member of CRAP. For an amendment to be passed, it must be suggested to the Chancellor, approved by 3/3 of the Triumvirate, 3/5 of the Ministers (if applicable). The Triumvirate reserves the right to change anything in case of emergency or if it is a necessary change, with the approval of all Ministers and the Chancellor (keeping in mind that the Chancellor represents the members as a whole).

VI – The Founder of CRAP (Chuck Normis) reserves the right to change all positions and make major charter changes in case of emergencies or in case of necessary drastic change. Any of these changes must be installed in order to help the alliance as a whole. The Founder’s change(s) can be removed with the approval of all 3/3 of the Triumvirate, 5/5 of the Ministers, and the Chancellor (keeping in mind that the Chancellor represents the members as a whole). If the Founder is a Triumvir or Minister, his vote will not be included because of possible conflict of interest.


Amendment I – The President and Vice President system is abolished, and replaced with a 3 member Triumvirate system, where 3 leaders all have equal power in running the alliance.

Amendment II – Addition of the Ministry of Recruitment.

Amendment III – Addition of the rule that you can not be part of any other alliance while being in CRAP.

Amendment IV – Anyone with past debts to other alliances must pay them off before being approved into CRAP, they must also have officially resigned from their past alliance.

Amendment V – Effective immediately, tech raiding is now APPROVAL ONLY. Before raiding a nation, you MUST get the approval of any of the 3 Triumvirs, or the MoWD. Failure to do so WILL result in disciplinary action.

Amendment VI – Addition of Policies regarding Spy Operations

Amendment VII – Addition of Battalions Leaders

Amendment VIII – Addition of policies of Validating/Applying Members

Amendment IX – Addition of policies regarding government absences/resignations.

Amendment X – Changes to the duties of the Chancellor and some Ministers.

Amendment XI – Changes to how war be declared.


Chuck Normis ~ Founder/Triumvir

Constapatedape - Triumvir

Mathew Baer - Triumvir

Edited by Chuck Normis
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