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GSA- Neutrality Pact Agreement


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Global Security Alliance (GSA)- Neutrality Pact



All alliances have agreements and this agreement just goes to show that both alliances are working to be the best they can be diplomatically.


- The Neutrality Pact and the Global Security Alliance recognize the following:

-There is a measure of uncertainty in the alliance system;

- There is need for a stable economic and political atmosphere.

- Having recognized this, the aforementioned alliances agree to the provisions described in this treaty and wish to express their desire to include all peace-loving nations and alliances in this agreement.

Article I – Rights

- Both signatories recognize their rights, and the rights of others, in the following domains: political, diplomatic, military and economic.

- In stating this, the need for a united front in the face of unwarranted aggression must be expressed.

Article II – Neutrality

- To promote peace, both signatory alliances do hereby agree to the following:

- All nations within the signatory powers are confined to defensive warfare;

- At all times, during battle, the peace process will remain open and offered by signatory alliances;

- Aggressive economic expansion shall be banned.

Article III – Military Reciprocity

- Both alliances agree to a joint defense of their interests. In the event of an attack, the coordination of defensive efforts shall fall to the ministers responsible for said defense. Their authority shall transcend alliance affiliation.

- Both alliances shall henceforth rely on a battle group system composed of three nations who each specialize in one area of service.

- The President of the Neutrality Pact shall, in time of war, hold the responsibility for spy operations.

Article IV – Trade

- Trade agreements shall be favored between the signatory alliances. This shall help foster an atmosphere of cooperation between the signatories.

- Economic stimulus packages shall be applicable to all nations of both alliances. This clause may be waived by the leaders of each signatory alliance.

- Tech deals shall be made to favor the signatory alliances and the nations they represent.

Article V – Amendments

- This treaty, upon its signing, shall not be amended by any party,

Article VI – Cancellation

- This treaty, once signed, may be canceled after a weeks notice at the behest of either signatory.

- This treaty shall enter into effect at the moment of its signing and is set to expire four months after it enters into effect.

- In the event of another alliance wishing to sign this treaty, this treaty shall be canceled with a renewal being signed by all signatories wishing to take part.

August 19th 2009 0440

Global Security Alliance

Signed: Fear2012 (GSA President)

Signed: Pres Vishtany(GSA Foreign Affairs Minister)

Neutrality Pact

Signed: Iggy4321 (NP President)

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Okay, which alliance did you copy this time? I have to admit, I haven't read any of the DoN's thoroughly enough to identify them offhand, could some neutrals clarify which one he stole this time? :P

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My best regards to Iggy4321 (NP President) and the Members of the Neutrality Pact who did the draft.

no disrespect to them or me,

my alliance President and i just did the negotiations.

If your all so into the details contact me on the IRC

#GSA or #CNGSA on Coldfront

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Umm, what? The Neutrality Pact has a defense agreement? Methinks you need to go back and study the definition of "neutrality."


We have studied it, and thoroughly. The GSA and Neutrality Pact are both neutral alliances. We are simply stating our wish to be regarded as a single neutral entity and that an attack on one party is considered as a violation of the neutrality of both parties. We would therefore respond in the same manner for an attack on the GSA as for an attack on us. You may see this as a violation of our own stated wish to be neutral, but we do not. I hope this clarifies some things for you (but then again, this isn't a black and white issue, so if you will, I'll agree to disagree...)

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