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The 3:30 has arrived

Tequila Mockingbird

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[08:00] <ogodai> also, i'm really thinking its time for SLCB to have a press conference

[08:00] <ogodai> we've not had one for months and months

[08:01] <ogodai> and iFOK had one a couple of days ago and I refuse to be outdone by those internationalist swine

[08:02] <Koel[sLCB]> haha

[08:02] <Koel[sLCB]> those !@#$%^&*

Hello I'm Tequila Mockingbird, I wont be your host this evening, but I can assure you that each and every one of your questions will be answered in essay form.

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Essay form as promised.

It all started on a tour of Europe. Me and my buddy were supposed to be boarding a plane to Ljubljana but sadly we got on the wrong plane, and since Liberian Airways are somewhat lax in terms of security, no-one noticed that we were on the wrong plane until it was too late. Turned out we were on a plane headed for Monrovia, which is in Liberia for all you ignoramuses. Well a few hours later we landed in Monrovia and the airport wasn't all that great, and it was really hot, so we bought some of those handheld battery powered fans, but they broke pretty quickly so we thought 'hey, we'll go for a swim'. Fortunately for us, Monrovia is on the coast, so we headed to the beach, avoiding all the sounds of gunfire (Liberia was in the middle of a civil war at the time and we didn't want to get shot or anything). By the time we got to the beach, after getting lost several times, it was already dark, and we'd heard that sharks prowled the water by night, so we just went to find somewhere to sleep. Eventually we found a hotel that wasn't too dilapidated, and so we went in, and got a room. Like alot of places, they insisted upon taking our passports, which seemed fine so we handed them over and went to bed. It was pretty hot and the fan didn't really do much so I opened a window in my room and that didn't really help much either. Point is, it was hot. Anyway, like I said, there was a civil war, and sadly it turned out that the receptionist for the hotel we were staying at was a member of a rebel faction, and while we slept she sold our passports in order to buy more guns or grenades or whatever. Naturally this was a bit distressing for us so me and my friend decided to go find our nation's embassy, which took a whole day and by the time we found it we were very tanned, and without any passports, our embassy refused to believe that we weren't just local Liberian scam artists. So no help there. We headed back down to the shore to ponder upon our situation, but on the way, we found two unguarded cardboard boxes. Lucky days, we thought! So we took them, but we set off an alarm and had to run all the way to the beach being chased by the cardboard box merchant, who it turns out had been pioneering a form of floating cardboard. By the time we got to the beach the guy had summoned up quite a mob and we were being chased by about 50 people. So then we just waded into the sea, opened up our cardboard boxes (they were in collapsed form when we found them), and to our amazement (bear in mind, at this time we were unaware of the floating cardboard), they were seaworthy! So we climbed inside our respective cardboard boxes and used our shirts as makeshift sails, and then sailed away while the angry mob could only shake their fists, since although they had a large number of cardboard boxes with which they could have chased us, not one of them was wearing a shirt to use as means of propulsion. From then on it was a simple matter of sailing to Koblenz , of all places, and resuming our tour of Europe.

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In an essay form, eh; Whats 1+1?

/me demands essay form

The concept of addition involves combining two or more number together. In this case, the Arabic numeral "1" symbolizing a single item is combined with itself. The result is a number roughly twice the size of the the aforementioned digit. This is commonly represented with the Arabic numeral "2.


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I need to move all my furniture from Eastern Canada all the way to Siberia, I was thinking about purchasing boxes and floating my stuff there, how much can I expect this to cost me?

You can expect it to cost you as little as $300 (Liberian). You will probably be dissapointed if you do indeed expect that, though.

Why don't you just tone it down already?

You're far too spectacular, and you're hogging the :V

We are shallow, empty human beings, and we crave attention like you crave oxygen.

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1. Why has only one question been answered in essay format?

2. Why do we not have a treaty with you?

1. Because in SLCB it is your Liberian duty to make empty promises and/or to let people down.

2. Funny you should say that, actually. I was wondering the same thing myself this very afternoon.

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