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Next Wonder, Any Suggestions?

Duncan King

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Okay, so this is my nation.

I currently have the following wonders:

Agriculture Development Program, Anti-Air Defense Network, Central Intelligence Agency, Disaster Relief Agency, Foreign Airforce Base, Great Monument, Great Temple, Hidden Nuclear Missile Silo, Interstate System, Manhattan Project, National Research Lab, Pentagon, Social Security System, Stock Market, Strategic Defense Initiative

I have 3500 tech and 6000 infra.

I am trying to decide whether I should get a Fallout Shelter System or one of the economic wonders (either Space Program, Internet, or Great University).

I know that the Fallout Shelter means that I'd still have troops left after a nuking, but after the recent rule changes pertaining to self anarchy and defeat alerts, I'm not sure that this is necessarily a bad thing. Additionally, the wonder would cut down on the naval and aircraft losses, two things that really hurt me in the last war (I went from 80K NS to 40K).

Is the Fallout Shelter a good idea or should I go for an economic wonder?

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WRC isn't an option at your size, right? I can't recall the requirements, but if you can get this, do so.

Otherwise, I'd go for the University, then Internet (w/ your tech level, Uni is better), then National War Memorial. (Space Program should be one of the last economic wonders). You should have gotten the University and Internet already (before Great Monument).

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