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Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm, Sverige


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Scandinavian Summit

Hosted by King Kristian I of Sverige

Invited are:

Republic of Mariehamm




Konungariket Sverige


And as an observer the Freistaat Preußen is also invited.


Discussing topics pertaining Trade, Transport, Commerce, Maritime Borders and Maritime passage in the Scandinavian region.


Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm


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One of the butlers working in the palace was illegally smoking on the steps of the service entrance when he heard the sound of an approaching helicopter. He quickly threw his cigarette into the bushes as the helicopter with government log landed on the field behind the palace. The young Rikskansler Rikard Eriksen jumped out of the Helicopter and ran ducked towards the service entrance. The butler, Sebastian, tried to open the door for the Rikskansler, but was not fast enough. Rikard looked Sebastian into his eyes with an ice cold glare, only enhanced by his steel blue eyes.

Once inside Rikard quickly found the steward of the palace. "Is everything in place for the summit?" He abruptly asked the Steward, who was giving orders to a bunch of workmen moving tables. "We have a few hours left before the guest will arrive, we need to give a good first impression or else all plans will fail"

The steward, who knew all of the Riksrådet members for years now was surprised by the attitude displayed. "Yes, we are just making preparations for tonights ball, the preparations for the rest of today are all finished."

Rikard walked away without greeting, speeding up the stairs to the office of the Royal Guard Officer, almost thinking out loud. He really needed to double check the security instructions, the patrols, the safety cars, the camera's. Next time his personal assistant would marry he would just fire him, this inconvenience couldn't have come at a worser time.

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Jimmy nervously put his hand over his Glock 17, he didn't like it that the kings limousine had to break down in the middle of the forest. This should not happen to limousines, but since this was the cheaper, reserve limousine he didn't stop to think about it very long. And he didn't like the fact that rain was pouring down so hard that his suit was totally soaked in the few minutes he was standing outside. But what Jimmy didn't like the most was that the king himself insisted that he'd help the driver fix the tire. Apparently the king had been a mechanic of sorts before he became king.

"I'm going inside, see if I can reach the palace by radio" Jimmy said to Jeremy, the other guard.

"Alpha team for Home Base, please come in, Alpha team for Home Base please come in"

He waited a few minutes, and then repeated his message. Apparently people in the palace were busy. and as usual there was no one in the palace manning the radio.

A few minutes later, a crackle from the radio made the tired Jimmy open his eyes, he quickly grabbed the mouthpiece of the radio.

"This is Home Base, Alpha team, please report, whats the hold up? The Rikskansler is getting on my nerves, he expected the king to arrive 20 minutes ago."

"We have a flat tire, and the king insisted in helping the driver fix it." Jimmy sighed audible.

"Well have him......"

The rest of the words never reached Jimmy's brain, in the next second Jimmy tried to dive in the direction of the door. His good trained reflexes told him to dive when the registered the flashes of machine guns being fired in his direction. He wasn't trying to protect his own life, he was trying to warn Jeremy and the king. Although he would be safe for bullets inside the armored car, his reflexes told him to jump out and do his job. To his big surprise he heard the screeching noise of bullets penetrating metal, and the splintering sound of glass breaking. Moments later he slipped away, with one thought in his mind, that he had failed his task of protecting the king.

When the king heard the sound of guns being fired, his own reflexes kicked in, his combat training may have been decades ago, he was still the same man he was in those days. He tried to keep a low profile while slipping in the trench next to the road. He had no idea what was happening tot the guards, but before he slipped away he felt the driver drop down on the kings feet. He didn't fall asleep was the strange thought that flashed through the kings brain.

The guard manning the radio in the palace stared baffled at his radio for a few seconds before he hit the alarm button.

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Rikskansler Rikard Eriksen was just chatting with the head of Sverigs diplomatic affairs, Henrik Jungson, when the alarm sounded. Immediately he turned around and he glanced over the many people gathered in one of the dining rooms, which was turned into a informal meeting room. He was looking for the commander of the Royal Guard, Gustav Rasmussen, to no avail. Around him the chatter had stopped for about 2 seconds, then returned double as loud as before. Her saw multiple foreign diplomats heading his way. He quickly turned around and disappeared through one of the service doors. Until the king decided to not show up this summit was going very well, he needed things like this to make a name in the diplomatic world. He was seen as too young and unexperienced by most of the Scandinavian diplomatic world. And this 'incident' would only add to it. Whoever hit the alarm would get a serious scolding. He quickly walked up the stairs to the command post.

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Kristian stayed as low as possible, that was all he could do for now, he had no weapon, and no weapon in reach either. His only hope on survival was if the terrorist were careless enough to not check for a body count. So he stayed low, even after the shooting suddenly stopped, he waited a few minutes before he carefully tried to determine if the terrorists were gone. Suddenly he heard a loud sound produced by some sort of rocket, the car, a few feet away, blew up, throwing the king back into the trench. And as parts of the car rained down he got hit with something hard, something that knocked him out.

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Rikskansler Rikard Eriksen walked into the meeting room with a dark look on his face, his hands on his back, a bit stiff. He climbed the big stairs leading out of the room for a bit, turned around and waited a few moments until all the attention was focused at him.

"People, we have received report of an assassination attempt on the King himself. We have no information about the kings status at the moment. Now I can ensure you that you are safe here at the palace. The summit is canceled until further notice we will have transport ready for those that wish to leave today. Please understand that security at airports is very strict at the moment. The same goes for private aircrafts. We will however do everything in our power to make it possible for people attending this meeting to leave Sverige.

After these words he just turned around and walked back to that command post, his hands a bit shaking. Leaving the startled people in the meeting room.

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Two Chinook CH-47 SVE-1B helicopters landed as close as they possibly could get near the still burning limousine. The storm had intensified notably, violent winds made it hard for the two patrolling Tiger ARH SVE-1 helicopters to stay on course. The rain limited sight to few meters, the almost black clouds made sight even more difficult.

About 30 heavily armed soldiers jumped out of each Chinook, quickly securing the area around the car. They soon found the King, lying with his face in the shallow grass covering the sides of the trench, almost being dragged down with the growing stream that had ended up in the trench. The king was quickly brought into one of the Chinooks, where an medical emergency team was waiting. The team plugged him into a few systems, as the king was barely breathing, his pulse very weak. Once the king was aboard, he was flown to a military hospital at Stockholm Airport, protected by a small security detail of 15 soldiers inside the Chinook.

The soldiers left at the limo tried to salvage the bodies of the guards and the driver, but despite the heavy rains, the fuel inside the limo had caught flame. It was near impossible to approach the wreckage.In fact, one of the soldiers that pulled the King out of the trench was being transported with the same Chinook as the king. He had sustained sever burnings, as did the king. The detachments only task was to guard the area, and secure every trace and bit of evidence.

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'Finally home again, ' sighed Kristian, 'Its been a long week Niklas. I hope next week will carry less turmoil, and finally some peace in Europe.' Niklas nodded, he knew the king had a difficult time since the assassination. And his physical appearance when he was dining with the Lady protector wasn't a positive sign either. He had always been a strong person, both in character and in physical things. Though he had never gotten used to his role as king, he did what he had to do for his country, and maybe also to honor his uncle. 'Still, I love that ship, its just too bad that once you get to be king you can't really enjoy the luxuries that come with the job. Well, at least I'm glad to not end like Simba, who didn't get to be king until he went to a lot of trouble.' Niklas wanted to say something about not having such revengeful family members, but that wasn't really fit in this story.

Kristian ignored his security detail when he rolled his wheelchair towards the elevator. 'Niklas, can you wake someone from the kitchen staff up and make us a quick late night dinner? I'm starving. Ask them for pizza or something, I want something unhealthy. And will you please, please eat dinner with me? And tell the guards to stay outside of my quarters.' And with these words the doors closed and the elevator moved up to his living quarters.

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Kristian was staring into the nothingness that surrounded his palace. It was foggy outside and he could barely see the trees in the garden. He was mulling about the events of the last couple of months. When he accepted the throne after his entire family got brutally murdered he knew that it would be a harsh life for a man used to having a lot of freedom. He was hiking across the Rocky Mountains when he was tracked down by embassy personnel who told him the bad news. He never felt at home in the limited world of royalty. And since he was 7th in line of succession, after his uncle, his nephews, his father and his older brother, people did not mind that he wasn't really paying attention to his titles and such. Sure, he had received the same royal education that all princes of Sverige got. Extended private education by the best minds in Sverige followed by a study at the Stockholm university, a full fledged diplomatic and political training, and a military training of 2 years.

But by the time he was done with his 'training' he had already made up his mind. That was not his future, but what his future would be remained a question. So he went on a search. And when he finally found his purpose, simply enjoying live every single day, he was rudely awaken and had a giant responsibility placed upon his shoulders.

'Kristian? I have two delicious pizza's here.' Kristian turned his wheelchair away from the window. 'Lets eat and let the damn world rot for once without us trying to fix it.'

He grabbed the remote and turned on the television.

"........And now an explosive interview with opposition leader Thomas Östros. For the first time in history he will reveal the stunning details behind King Kristian. His mysterious way of gaining access to the throne. The disappearance of several of his opponents and the wealthy, egomaniacs that support his politics."


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