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I'm afraid I come to you all with unfortunate news today. New Era is dropping our ToA with The Arctic Order. (Yes I am Aware That They Have Merged Into TIA) This treaty cancellation was decided before the final merging choice was decided by leadership in TAO, and reasons were discussed in private channels and both parties have agreed to cancel.


All diplomatic options will be used to preserve this treaty. However if either alliance wishes to withdraw from the treaty they will give a 48 hours notice, posted in both signatories embassy's. No act of aggression will take place between the two alliances directly or indirectly till the 48 hours have passed.

We at New Era wish all TAO members who have merged into TIA luck, and we hope to maintain a great friendship with each of you.

One last time: o/ TAO!

O/ New Era!

Thank You,


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but wait, since they merged, dosen that null the treaty anyways?

Well, there is a conflicting essence of this Treaty Cancellation, that would force us to post this treaty anyway. A previous member of TAO is still wanting to take lead of TAO, and is still in existence at this time. Better safe then sorry.

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Good luck to New Era and we will be here if you need anything. From the very limited interaction I have had with TAO they seem like good folks, And good luck continuing the alliance to the ones that decided not to merge.

I <3 The Dakotans! o/ TOOL

Good Luck to the ones continuing as well, I didn't mention you in the big post up there.

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