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Declaration of Neutrality

Sir Keshav IV

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Earlier today the Party decided to lead china onto a new path. The Path of Neutrality by passing the document unanimously-

People's Republic of China Declaration of Neutrality


The People's Republic of China hereby declares that it will be a neutral nation. It agrees to follow all the articles inscribed in the document.

Article 1-


It agrees to never declare war on a nation for any reason at all. China agrees to use diplomacy at all times instead of causing blood shed.

Article 2-


It agrees to never send any type of aid to nations fighting a war, this is done as it may seem it is supporting one nation over another and therefore breaking neutrality in the conflict.

Article 3-

Defensive Wars

China if attacked shall defend itself by all means but shall not use Nuclear Weapons unless attacked by a nuclear weapon first.

Article 4-


China agrees to sign nothing more then a Non-Aggression Pact with foreign nations. Anything higher shall not be signed by the government.

Article 5-


This Declaration of Neutrality can only be canceled if one of the following articles are broken or if the current premier dies.

Signed on this day the 5th of July 2009-

Premier Rorschach

High council of the party.

OOC: Basically lost interest in much of CNRP therefore I'm going isolationist for a while

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"Start a war? If we do, we needn't take time for a discussion that lasted for 2 weeks straight and then write it down. We stick by our stance, but your points shall be noted and discussed in the upcoming party talks to see whether we should amend this treaty to show that we are neutral."

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