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Now Comes Even More Mystery

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OOC: Continued from here



"You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension— a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into the Twilight Zone."

"Submitted for your approval: The case of two men, torn from their families in youth; Forced into the least pleasant of situations by their tragedies; forced to cope with their lives after their tragedies. They have seen things together that would drive most men to madness, except of course, in the Twilight Zone."

"Baggs?" Lahye inquired, "Did you just hear the intro to an episode of the Twilight Zone?"

"Yes..." Baggs muttered, "Strange... Well anyway, I was telling you all about my childhood."

Me and my father were never very close. Even when Mom left, we never got along. I was never interested in his work. You see, my dad was a detective. You ever see an old seventies detective show? All the fast cars, facial hair and ugly floral shirts... Yah, that is a perfect description of my father.

Alright. It was August 12, 1979, if memory serves. Father was coming home late, again. e had just closed a case that had been on his back for a year. Man killed his pregnant wife, shot her right in the face, and never looked back. Real bloody affair, the kind of thing that makes or breaks a cop. My father was haunted by the case. He had had all the evidence to convict the husband, except the gun. For nearly three months, the entire force was taking gos at interrogating the guy, and all the could get were claims that the guy was innocent. My father beat the living !@#$ out of the guy one day, and spent a night in jail. If it weren't for the work he put in to the case, and his reputation in the force, he would have had his badge revoked, and been fired. That day though, they were able to get the bullet casings out of his car, and apparently that was close enough. They put the guy in jail, 100,000 dollar bail, and literally threw the book at him; As a former law student, I can say, those things are freaking heavy. Anyway, father was coming home, and as usual, left his key at the office. He checked under the old, dead rose bush for the spare, but when it wasn't there, he knocked. He had no clue, but the criminal had broken out right after he left, and was right behind him. I got the the door, and checked the view hole right in time to see the guy shoot my father in the shoulder. Then he, the bulking, terrifyingly strong man he was, punched the guy in the jaw so hard it dislocated. The exchanged blows until they were both bloody messes, the struggled over the gun a bit before my dad fired, and blew a hole in the guy's neck. He fell over, and landed face first in the rose bush. Father fell over a second later; bloodloss is a !@#$%* when you are exerting yourself with a few gaping chest wounds.

"Well, that sucks..." Hummel muttered.

"Not really," Baggs calmly said, "I was never attached to him, and without that, I never would be here today. Oh, and the kicker to the story, the criminal neither died, nor commit the crime. It was a robbery gone bad. Someone else turned them self in a few weeks after, and the guy was going crazy after being chased by the police for months. The criminal ended up in a coma, and was cleared of all charges out of sympathy."

OOC: Didn't want to gravedig the other thread, but still want to finish the stories.

Also, I have no clue why I dded the Twilight Zone intro. Seemed like a good idea...

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Alright, and now for the fun part. As per my father's wishes after his death, I was put in the capable hands of the government. After a month in an orphanage, I got a letter, saying I was to be a member of a "progressive" program ran out of a small military base in Finland. The first time I ever flew in a plane was that day. It was a little junker that flew me, and two other kids to Helsinki, and then we took an old school bus up north. So, we're driving up, and a few of the kids in the back started saying there was a monster in the woods. I think my old friend John said it was a faceless, green-eyed, wolf boy. None of us believed them.

Well, as we pulled over at the gate, and and the guards got out clearance, more and more of the kids started saying that they saw the monster. One of the guards came on to see what we were all yelling about. Suddenly, he spins around, grabs his gun and all the blood shoots out of his leg. Another guard runs over, and the little, faceless thing jumps on him, and starts biting his face. The bus driver floors it, drives straight through the fence towards the base, and the little thing keeps chasing us. Ten guards come out, jump on it, blood starts shooting our of everywhere' The screams of a child, and at least two grown men start to ring out. The creature breaks free, charges the bus, and starts screaming "COLORS!" The guy in charge of the base walks out, laughing hysterically. Between his laughs, he keeps yelling things out like "It's just a little brat!" and "Y'all got beat up by a freaking kid!" etc. He grabs the creature/ kid, holds it by the arms, and offers it a place in his project. Kid says yes. We all start coming out of the bus, and what I saw, I will never forget. A bloody, six year-old...

In a ski mask.

"It was... Komeil?" Hummel muttered, a puzzled look on his face.

"Yes," Baggs responded, "It was Komeil."

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January 23, 1980 Fort A Small Military Base In Finland

One Hundred Fifty children, between the age of six and ten began to sit down in the large auditorium. They all were away from their parents for some reason or another. Some orphans, some were sent by parents who sold them for cash, and others sent by military parents, who wanted their children to follow in their footsteps. None were happy to be there, but like all children, they still did not grasp the dire nature of their situation.

Samuel Hedgley a young boy, father dead, mother missing, was a last minute add-on to the list. He hated the place, and hated everyone around him. Amid his hatred of the situation, he barely realized that he was pushed across the room, to the far edge of the seats. He flung himself back into the chair, and took a deep breath. His heart began to pound as other children filed in next to him. The loud chattering of the hall covered the footsteps of the one person he wanted to see least, a small child, completely normal appearance, save for a ski mask pulled over his face. The boy sat down , and a smile clearly formed under his shroud.

"I Komeil," The boy proudly stated, "who is be you?"

"I'm... Sam," Hedgley muttered, trying not to look at Komeil.

"You be friend now," Komeil said excited, hugging Hedgley around the arms.

"No, no you aren't."

"Yes, we be the freinds now!"


"You tell me name. That mean we be friend."

"No, that's just being polite. Please stop talking to me."


"EVERYONE SHUT UP!!!!!" A loud, booming voice yelled from the floor, "You all belong to the government now, and you do what we say. First off, whoever you used to be, you are not anymore. If you let your names be known, people will find you, and your family, and kill them. Next, we are about to give you all masks. They will cover your face. You wear them always. Whenever there is a chance yu will be seen by your enemies, you wear the mask to cover your identity. Once again, if someone sees who you are, they will kill you."

The man stepped over to an aid, and told him to start distributing ski masks. The aid walked up and down the rows, handing out the masks to the still shocked, and crying children. As he neared the end, he finally got to Hedgley and Komeil. He look at Komeil's already masked face, and reached into the paper bag for Hedgley. There was nothing left.

"Oh, sorry kid... This'll have to do until we get you a proper mask," The Aid muttered as he handed the bag to Hedgley.

"Ha, you have bag head!" Komeil yelled as Hedgley put the bag over his face.

"I feel like an idiot..." Hedgley muttered .

"You feel like have bag on head. I call you Baggs now. You be now Baggs."

"What? No."

"Yes, Baggs."

"I hate you."

"I love you, Baggs."

OOC: Bet that is the most disappointing origin story you have ever heard :awesome:

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April 5, 1986

The man who met the students on their first day slowly walked out into the auditorium, just as he did every morning. After six years of discipline, everyone knew not to say a word, and not to move a muscle unless told to.

"Lately you have all done well in your studies. Training is progressing nicely, you all are taking your lessons well, and for that, you get a reward. Drills. You've taken the academic portions of your education well, but now it is time for you learn to work together. I am about to read off groups. I hope you like them, as you will be spending the rest of your lives with these people. First off, the cream of the crop. Komeil, Ackerman, Crenshaw, Fett, Schwarz... Headington?"

"Komeil," Baggs wispered, "What the $%&@! How many times do I need to tell you to stop filling out my paperwork. I don't want to be stuck 'Baggs Headington' For the rest of my life!"

"Why not want keep name?"

"SHUT UP BACK THERE!" The man yelled from the floor, "Your Fireteam is designated Alpha. If you want to change the name..."

"EXPLODING HERRING!!" Komeil blurted out.

"Very... well. Your fire team is the Exploding Herring. Go outside, there are drills ready for you."

As the five stood, they all glared at Komeil.

OOC: Sorry, short post, just need to keep forcing myself to write, kind of busy :awesome:

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April 5, 1986

As the six walked out of the auditorium, Baggs was the first to speak.

"So, we're stuck together, eh?"

"Sure looks like it," Jacques Ackerman said, squinting at the others through his thick glasses.

"So, what are we going to do about all this fireteam stuff?" John Crenshaw said, the usual inflection of superiority ringing through his voice.

"We dump Komeil," Adrian Fett muttered, still remembering the first day he ever met Komeil.

"What dump mean?" Komeil yelled from right next to Fett's head.


"Oh, mean Ahg, thank you Fett."

"Alright, stop goofing around everyone," Baggs said, "What are you all good at, we can't do this without some knowledge of each other. I'm good at close range combat, and pretty darn good with a sword..."

"I can dig." Jacques shouted out.

"I know my way around a shot gun," Crenshaw said.

"I... can build... stuff..." Fett muttered, a little put down by the skills of his team mates.

"I good kill people!" Komeil yelled.

"I know my way around a siper rifle," Schwarz muttered.

"Alright," Baggs said, "We've got a good range there, we can work with that."

"So, what now, Baggs?" Crenshaw said.

"We drill."

OOC: Another short post, sorry, this one was a must, next post jumps forward six years, and I need to at least introduce the characters.

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