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New Era News!

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Hello Friends of Planet Bob,

Today I come to you with a quick announcement but an important one. Due to recent restrictions, and numerous problems on our Jcink forums we needed to find a different forum host. Most of our friends use Zetaboard (and when you don't have the funds to get your own...) so we decided to go with Zetaboards, and it is 100% Better.

Problems we were having on Jcink were a range of loading problems, "site not found", and we even had some type of glitch on our login page that would bring you right back, right after you logged in.

My friends, all that trouble is over now, we have full support on the Zetaboards and we plan to make this board our new home.

Thank You For Your Time


Forums: http://www.s1.zetaboards.com/new_era

Hey while your surfing the web, why not check out our recruitment video?

P.S. Our "announcement Logo" is in the works, still not finished but thought to show off the rough copy for you all. :D

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ah so now I have to register on another board! :o

Good luck with the new forums, Im glad to hear this one is better then the last.

Jeesh, you just registered on the other boards, after I told you we were switching, but you insisted. :P

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Best of luck to you in the move.

OOC: I'm surprised to hear you had issues with Jcink. That seems unusual.

Everyone says that, I don't know what happened it was doing GREAT! but....then it just started to go downhill from there. In any case were happy over on Zetaboards, no problems thus far.

Thanks for the positive comments everyone your :awesome:

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