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An Announcement From The Khmer and Taiwanese Empires


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An Announcement From The Khmer and Taiwanese Empires

Good day,

After much private talks, The Khmer and Taiwanese Empires have agreed to the following.


The Treaty of Quang Ninh Province


The Khmer Empire and The Taiwanese Empire hereby agree to the following treaty.

Article I; Quang Ninh

The Khmer Empire agrees to Annex Quang Ninh Province to The Taiwanese Empire.

Article II; In Return

The Taiwanese Empire agrees to station a diplomatic team in The Khmer Empire along with the station of 3 nuclear weapons in The Khmer Empire.

Signed by The Taiwanese Empire;

Nebu II, Emperor

Ja'hina, Secretary of State

T’aisheda, Minister of Defence

Signed by The Khmer Empire;

Hun Sen, King of the Khmer, Emperor of the Vietnamese

Thank you.

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