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Republic of White Nations


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The Republic of White Nations is back and here to stay! With more nations than ever (and counting) we are in it to win it! Also created a new flag, being as our symbol is the Eagle. We are close to the same old RoWN from round 5 but have made some changes to our government.

I am still the leader (King) of the Republic of White Nations, but now we have changed second in command to the General and added more departments and Consuls. Positions are as follows:

King: King Alias


Consul of Foreign Affairs: Andorra 3

Consul of War: ME VS U

Consul of Recruitment: Lizzardtheone

Consul of Trade:

Consul of Justice: General Qru

Consul of Nation Building: VanDeVeer

We have also recieved a boost of members from the Siberian Tiger Alliance (Cyber Nations: Standard Edition) including Lizzardtheone who has stepped up and made our recruitment efforts thrive.

If you have any questions, please post them here and I will try and get back to you ASAP.


King Alias - King


ME VS U - Consul of War

Lizzardtheone - Consul of Recruitment

Andorra 3 - Consul of Foreign Affairs

VanDeVeer - Consul of Nation Building

General Qru - Consul of Justice

Edited by King Alias
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